Thu. May 19th, 2022

Listed for just $ 649,000, 331 McRoberts Avenue is the cheapest detached house in Toronto right now.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

Living room.

Located in the upcoming Caledonia neighborhood, this three-bed one-bath bungalow is not something beautiful to look at, but that’s not why you would buy it. 331 mcroberts avenue toronto

The basement.

It sits on a massive plot – 18 x 122 feet to be exact – which means there is plenty of potential to either build your own home or renovate the bejezus out of this.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

View to the back of the house.

Another selling point of this home is that you have no rear neighbors, so your backyard is super private but overlooks the giant Prospect Cemetery.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

The garage and the backyard.

The home also has a double rear lane and a garage. Maybe you could build a laneway house or studio? Who knows!

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

A bedroom.

If you would not cut over this house and renovate it instead, the home will need a lot of work.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

Another bedroom.

The rooms are small, the windows are smaller, the floors need to be replaced and everything needs to be updated.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

The kitchen is large enough to have room to eat in it.

For example, the kitchen appliances look like they are from the 50s.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto

A storage room in the basement.

There also seems to be damp issues in the basement as there is a fairly large stain of black mold.

331 mcroberts avenue toronto


But do you really care when the house costs less than most one-bedroom apartments in the city? Probably not.


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