This was Doug Ford’s gas price promise during the 2018 election campaign

TORONTO – Shortly after he was elected in 2018, Doug Ford promised he would make the price of the pumps a top priority for his government.

“I told people we are reducing the gas tax by 10 cents per liter,” Ford said in June 2018.

Shortly after being elected, the Ford government abolished the cap-and-trade system in Ontario, which was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It had an immediate effect on the price of gasoline and reduced it by 4.3 cents per liter.

However, it also triggered the federal backstop on the price of carbon, which led to a carbon tax being imposed on the province of Ontario. It increased the price of fuel by 4.4 cents per liter, effectively erasing Ford’s fuel price drop.

Gas prices

More than three years after this promise has changed little.

Gas prices are reaching record highs in parts of Ontario and are showing no signs of slowing down.

An expert estimates that gas prices could hit as high as $ 1.50 cents per liter in the Toronto area in the coming weeks.

It comes at a time when many families are already struggling with the higher cost of living and dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Ontario, every time a driver fills their gas tank, both federal and provincial governments get their cuts.

Ten øre pr. Liter goes to the federal excise tax, 8.8 cents per. Liter goes to the federal carbon tax, 14.7 cents per. Liter goes to the Ontario fuel tax and 15.8 cents per liter. Liter goes to HST.

On Thursday, Ontario’s Environment Minister David Piccini was asked what the government plans to do about gas prices in the province.

“As a government, we are always open to cooperating with the federal government and exploring the possibilities of reducing prices in the province of Ontario,” Piccini said.

But the government would not say what those options are and leave questions about whether Ford’s gas price promise will be met.

“It seems that Doug Ford’s reduction of the gas price of ten percent was really just an election ploy, and they do not intend to protect consumers,” NDP leader Andrea Horwath said on Thursday.


Meanwhile, Green Party leader Mike Schreiner says Ontarians should forget about fuel and choose other options instead.

“Let’s make electric cars affordable for people so they don’t get stuck at the pumps,” he said.

Experts say the reason for the recent rise in prices is due to increased demand and undersupply of oil globally.


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