Thu. May 26th, 2022

For years, Ellie Karr looked forward to her high school graduation and knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate it — with an adventurous trip to New York City.

She would visit the Statue of Liberty, catch some Broadway musicals, like her personal favorite, “Hamilton,” and maybe as a TODAY superfan, she would even stop by Rockefeller Center to see where her favorite morning show is going.

But like many people’s big pre-pandemic plans, the Texas teenager’s senior trip became a missed milestone last year. And when we heard about it, we started making our own plans to make up for it with an even bigger NYC adventure.

Welcome to New York City!TODAY

Only TODAY surprised Ellie when anchor Savannah Guthrie received her via video call and invited her to see all the things she missed – and more! So this summer, we brought Ellie out with her mom Lisa Brodie to see the big apple up close.

With the help of our friends on “Hamilton”, Ellie not only got to see the beloved Broadway mega-hit and got a personal message from the creator and former star Lin-Manuel Miranda, but she also had the chance to meet the women who play her favorite characters, the Schuyler sisters.

Ellie Karr “works it out” with “Hamilton” Schuyler sisters.TODAY

And when Ellie told the talented ladies that “Helpless” was her most beloved song from the show, they cursed out with an abbreviated personal performance that would excite any fan.

A personal performance from the Schuyler sisters? What more could any “Hamilton” fan want?TODAY

Mother Lisa confirmed, “Yes, it’s her dream trip.”

But the dream was not over yet.

Savannah Guthrie got the chance to meet Ellie this summer, right here, outside of 30 Rock.TODAY

The class of 2020 graduate met Savannah in person and took a closer look at the Rockefeller Center. Then she had the chance to get a great view of the city from the Top of the Rock observation deck.

Of course, Ellie also got the glimpse of Lady Liberty that she always wanted.

Ellie finally got the chance to make her belated senior dream come true. TODAY

And on Friday morning, the TODAY team also got a treat when Ellie and Lisa looked past Studio 1A and visited the show.

That was when Ellie caught up with Savannah again, who asked her about her favorite part of her NYC trip.

“I liked everything!” told the teenager from Deer Park, Texas, to Savannah.TODAY

“I liked everything!” Ellie beamed. “Thank you!”

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