Tue. May 17th, 2022

TORONTO police in Toronto say a local rapper wanted on the basis of murder primarily in connection with a deadly shooting earlier this year has been arrested by Los Angeles police.

In a press release, police said 22-year-old Hassan Ali, also known as Top5, was arrested by Los Angeles police on Thursday on a preliminary U.S. arrest warrant.

Ali’s arrest comes eight months after Hashim Omar Hashi was shot dead while waiting to enter the parking garage of his building at 40 Falstaff Avenue near Jane Street on January 31.

At the time, police said a suspect approached the passenger side of Hashi’s vehicle and fired several shots at him.

Hashi, 20, was pronounced dead at the scene. He was a student and had no connection to the criminal world, according to investigators.

Two suspects were arrested in the ensuing weeks, including Ali.

Originally charged with accessories after murder and non-compliance with probation, Ali was released on bail despite warning signs that he had previously been accused of ignoring orders from the justice system, court documents show. Emmanuel Missah, 24, was charged with accessories after murdering and failing to comply.

Ali’s charges were later upgraded to first-degree murder and three counts of non-compliance on May 20 in connection with the incident, but police could not find him.

The Toronto-based rap artist would later be seen connecting with fans on social media, claiming his innocence and addressing fan questions about why he had not given himself up.

“Is Top5 not on the run for a body?” asked one during an Instagram live in June.


“The only race I know is the treadmill,” Ali replied with a laugh, “I did not. Save it for God.”

Anyone with information about the investigation should contact the police or crime stoppers.

With files from Jon Woodward and CP24’s Bryann Aguilar


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