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South America is known for growing some of the best coffee beans around the world. Countries like Columbia, Guatemala, Argentina and Brazil are major exporters of coffee beans, but there is one country in particular that has become popular over the last few decades, and that is Peru.

Peruvian coffee is unique and its flavors and bodies are different for each region. Here in Toronto, Brasa Peruvian Kitchen joins a growing list of coffee shops selling Peruvian coffee. On October 6, they launched their own signature line. Its aromatic and flavorful coffee may be the exact switch you need for your daily coffee craving.

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More on Peruvian coffee

Peruvian coffee
Photo: Brasa Peruivan cuisine

Peru has one of the most diverse climates in the world. One minute you are engulfed by the northern mountains and then you walk through the trees of the Amazon forest. There are about 90 microclimates in Peru and this allows for suitable agriculture to grow coffee bean crops.

The country began producing coffee in the 1700s, but it was only exported in the 1900s. Over the past decade, Peru has become the No. 10 producer in the world, and Michel Falcon, owner of Brasa Peruvian, explains how the microclimate is to thank.

“The high altitude of the mountain regions such as the Andes provides optimal growth conditions for arabica coffee. The Amazon coastal and jungle region also allows for superior harvesting environments,” said Michel.

Everything organic

Local farmers make up the majority of the agricultural population of Peru, and due to high cost and availability, they do not have access to chemical fertilizers. This means that the majority of their coffee beans are organic, and large volumes of their exports are also Arabica beans.

Farmers plant the beans up to an altitude of 3000 meters, and this helps the taste profile of the coffee. The higher you grow the crop, the harder the bean must “fight” to grow. When the bean is stressed, it forces them to produce more sugar and nutrients, which contributes to the overall taste profile.

When the beans are ready to be exported, local farmers form fair trade cooperatives to gain access to larger global markets. Michel explains that without these alliances they would not be able to export these large quantities and end up in stores like Brasa. That’s how the term “fair trade” coffee was invented.

Taste of Peruvian coffee at Brasa

Brasa Peruvian cuisine
Photo: Brasa Peruvian cuisine

Since first opening this summer, Brasa’s missions have been to introduce flavors from Peruvian cuisine to Toronto. Their salads and hot bowls are full of flavor and they recently decided to take it a step further and also introduce the flavors of Peruvian coffee.

“We came across this opportunity when we sublet a commercial kitchen out of the Hale Coffee Roasters facility. they also burn organic Peruvian coffee. ”

Michel Falcon

Michel thanks Hale Coffee for making this happen so quickly. He always believed that Peruvian coffee was a suitable product for the company and their guests.

Where the beans are picked up …

Brasas coffee comes from an organic coffee farm owned by Ysauro Tocto Chugden. The 1.5-hectare farm is located in the Lonya Grande district of Peru. The coffee is grown at altitudes of 1600 meters!

Ysauro grows the coffee beans Bourbon, Castillo and Catimor, and he knows his innovative agricultural processes for coffee. He is a member of the Asociacion de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP). They ensure high quality organic coffee for the customer, while at the same time taking good care of the local communities and strengthening their livelihood. The 35 local farmers, including Ysauro and the other 189 members of COOP JUMARP, grow their coffee under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest.

Taste and taste profile

Peruvian coffee
Photo: Bonfire Peruvian coffee

Their coffee is mild to medium body, with notes of nuts, flowers and green grapes. It has a mild acidity, a balanced body, vibrant aromas and can be enjoyed in a hot cup alone or with your favorite food or dessert.

The beans are roasted on an eight scale of Hale coffee beans. Brasa recommends using an AeroPress on freshly ground beans. They say it is a simple and effective method to brew the different flavors of the coffee beans without sweating.

Buy your bag today through their website, in-store, UberEats or Door Dash.

Check out the latest blog post here.

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Feature Image: Brasa Peruvian Kitchen

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