TSB releases new photos of injuries from Ottawa LRT derailment in September

The Department of Transportation Safety (TSB) in Canada says that part of the Ottawa light rail train derailed on September 19th. A photo released Oct. 7 appears to show damage to the side of the train. (Transport Safety Board of Canada)

The Department of Transportation Safety (TSB) in Canada has released new photos showing damage caused by the derailment on Sept. 19 that closed the Ottawa light rail line, as well as providing an update on its preliminary findings.

TSB had previously explained that the westbound train with 12 passengers on board got off the rails before entering the Tremblay station and traveling across a railway bridge while a wheel remained off the track.

On Thursday, investigators released new descriptions and photos of what happened, but did not offer takeaways or recommendations from the ongoing investigation.

Investigators found displaced ballast or rocks around the rails and signs of mechanical damage from an “indeterminate component” in the derailed train returning to St-Laurent station, a stop to the east.

“The frequency of impact signs increased slightly approaching the eastern end of Tremblay station,” the update said.

There were also scratches on the side of Tremblay station’s north platform and similar damage around the part of the train where the wheel derailed.

Parts of the rail were also misplaced at that station.

The northern platform of Tremblay station is seen to the west. (Transport Safety Board of Canada)

The derailed train kept running and hit a contact heater and signaling equipment, TSB said, and then the emergency brake was released. The track “bent” where the collision happened and bolts were torn off the track.

Pictures, including some in the update, appear to show parts from the side of the train torn away, plus a damaged window.

“No unusual train handling was reported, nor were trace anomalies observed before the train,” as it left Tremblay station, TSB said.

This TSB photo shows equipment hit by an Ottawa light rail train wrecked and out to the side of the track. (Transport Safety Board of Canada)

OC Transpo has not yet determined a return to service for Ottawa’s light rail system. An independent security expert must unsubscribe from any plan to resume operations before the service can restart.

TSB said Thursday that it still needs to look at the specific wheel parts that derailed.

Meanwhile, the city is escalating its legal dispute with the builders.

When LRT was out of service, transit drivers have been frustrated by cramped shuttle buses used to fill the void.

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