Tue. May 17th, 2022

Los Angeles Lakers Russell Westbrook

(Photo by Harry How / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook is in, Dennis Schroder is out.

Kendrick Nunn is in, Alex Caruso is out (in case you were wondering, he played almost all of his 1,216 minutes last season on the point guard position).

Rajon Rondo is back. And ……? The Los Angeles Lakers did not really have another legitimate point guard on the team list last season, outside of 6’9 ″, £ 250 LeBron James.

The Russell Westbrook deal this offseason hit the national media like a bomb. Some of the most famous sports show commentators (I look at you, Skip Bayless) said that Westbrook did not make sense on this list because he is too much responsibility outside the arc. At the same time, other reporters liked the signing and dubbed the Lakers trio LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook a big-3 formidable enough to guide the Lakers to the title.

Kendrick Nunn’s $ 10 million two-year contract was not mentioned nearly as much as some of the other big trades and player signings across the association. Still, it was mostly considered an excellent deal by the talking heads across the major sports exhibitions.

Towards the end of the offseason, Rajon Rondo at least stepped back with a bit of fanfare, which was reasonable considering he is expected to see some court time.

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard rotation is brand new.

Next, we chop through the static and examine what Lakers fans can expect from the combination of Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Nunn and Rajon Rondo.

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