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Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 401st edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from last week:

  • Netflix added a new feature this week. The Play Something feature lets Netflix choose what you watch. Netflix uses its algorithm and the things you’ve seen before to recommend something new. The change rolls out to all Netflix users from this week. Unfortunately, iOS users have to wait a little longer, but it gets there too.
  • Google Assistant’s quick phrase feature started rolling out this week. The new feature lets you create multiple sets of hotwords or phrases for different commands. The feature lets you launch commands without having to say “Hey, Google” first. There are many different examples and you can click on the link for more. However, based on one of our recent reader surveys, most of you will love Google Assistant, even with these new phrases.
  • Google decided not to proceed with its Google Bank account. The new account, called Plex, was to be part of Google Pay. Unfortunately, things are going very badly for Google Pay at the moment. The Google Pay team saw a lot of departures after the app’s major update in November 2020. Citigroup also ended its commitment to Google Pay (or vice versa) despite having 400,000 people on the waiting list. There are big things going on with Google Pay right now and it’s not looking good.
  • Everyone knows about the big Facebook outage that took place earlier in the week. The service went down early in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) and was down for over six hours. Instagram and WhatsApp were also down. Billions of people use these three services, so that was a pretty big deal. It turns out that a bad update locked Facebook out of its own servers (and buildings apparently), and it took a long time to get people in and fix the issue. You can read about the chaos on both links.
  • Telegram had a great week due to the Facebook outage. The service gained over 70 million users in just one day. It makes a lot of sense. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were down and people needed a place to keep talking. Telegram seems to have won over the other chat apps. Even some of our readers signed up in light of the outage. Click on the links to learn more.

Girl Cafe Gun

Price: Free to play

Girl Cafe Gun screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Girl Cafe Gun is a gacha game with a few different game mechanics. There are some simulation elements, some bullet hell elements and some other things there as well. The result is a varied gameplay with a lot of things to do. The match part of the game is a third-person shooter where you rain bullets down on enemies and they reciprocate. You dodge the bullets and try to kill them before they get you. The non-combat half of the game is equal parts dating sim and cafe simulator. The cafe simulator part is quite nice, but a bit basic compared to full restaurant -sim experiences. The dating part has enough fan service to generate face palms, but that’s not too ridiculous. It’s definitely an interesting game, especially if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bolt for Tesla

Price: $ 0.99

Bolt for Tesla is a plugin for Bags, Automate and MacroDroid. It helps you program NFC tags for various interactions with your Tesla vehicle. Some examples include locking and unlocking the door, opening and closing windows, activating the remote start, activating the seat heaters and a lot of other things. The app works quite easily. You open it, decide what you want it to do, and then do it. You first need one of the aforementioned automation apps, and the app helps you make everything work. I do not personally own a Tesla, so I could not test the NFC tags I made, but the process seems to have worked fine. The app runs for $ 0.99, but has no ads or in-app purchases otherwise.

Sky Warriors

Price: Free to play

Sky Warriors is an air shooter where you fly a plane and shoot down enemies. The game is not too deep and contains only two game modes. However, the feature mode is a real-time online multiplayer. You and your friends can fly around and dogfight with real opponents everywhere. You can also play against bots if you want a less stressful time. Other than that, it has played above average graphics and a decent selection of aircraft. The controls are also pretty decent, but can sometimes feel a little sloppy on touch screens. It’s generally good, though the hugely famous multiplayer occasionally feels a little funky.

Project Activate

Price: For free

Project Activate is a new accessibility app from Google. It lets you create automated commands using facial expressions. For example, you can get your phone to answer a call by raising your eyebrows. The app is aimed at people with diseases or disabilities that prevent the use of their limbs. It worked pretty well in our test and it certainly means an early try. This app can get a lot better with time. Still, it’s decent for simple things like sending a quick text or answering phone calls. This is a really tough approach to this very issue, and we hope Google continues to repeat and improve.

Disney Wonderful Worlds

Price: Free to play

Disney Wonderful Worlds is a match-three puzzle game with a lot of popular Disney characters. The central gameplay loop is the match-three mechanics. That part of the game plays like most other match-three games. But as you progress, you also build a Disney park with the various things you unlock. There are three parks to build in total, and that’s basically what keeps you playing. It’s a good overall experience, though grind is like most free to play games. There are also some early release bugs, but they should be ironed out over time. This is an officially licensed game, but it is not developed by Disney.

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