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The ACT’s head of health said that thinking about all the factors to consider when setting travel rules when easing COVID-19 closures “screws me up a bit”. Dr. Kerryn Coleman said health officials are currently considering how the ACT would handle cross-border travel rules, with work on track to develop a more refined approach. “It’s a very interesting question and one thing we all have a conversation about. I do not have a very good idea at the moment about the time frame of our transition. It is clear that we are getting to a point where there will be a degree of community transmission, and how it tends to go up and down, I have to admit I’m not really sure, “said Dr. Coleman. society that the risk of the virus entering the territory due to travel movements would be lower because the additional case would not significantly increase the ACT’s case load. “I think we have also talked about where people are vaccinated or unvaccinated, and our approach to public health based on their risk of both catching the virus and also being able to transmit needs, [so] recognized in these decisions [about travels], “Said Dr. Coleman. Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith acknowledged that there would be some problems around different rules on each side of the ACT-NSW border, but people had survived the entire pandemic and would again have to closely follow the rules that most people had generally complied with. “There will come a point where there is not much point in limiting that travel within our region if we somehow see cases bubble along both in the ACT and in our surrounding regions. and potentially seeding backwards and forwards already, “said Stephen-Smith. Ms Stephen-Smith said the ACT was awaiting further advice from NSW’s cross-border commissioner on how the state would deal with the ACT when major Sydney residents were allowed to travel into regional NSW. READ MORE: ACT’s COVID-19 road ahead said the territory would revisit the issue of regional travel from October 29. Lockdown should end in ACT by October 15. “I know the team has also been th narrator island m, how we look at a slightly wider region than the current zip codes we have identified, and whether we are relaxing at some level of travel restrictions between ACT and those zip codes, the wider region, “said Stephen-Smith. Mrs Stephen-Smith said the ACT was also considering whether it would allow greater movement for people to reunite with family member while some limits remained for tourist activity. “These are the things we are working on at the moment. At the moment we do not have all the details around it, but we will continue to work on it and we will tell people about changes as soon as we can,” she said. Our coverage of the health and safety aspects of this outbreak of COVID-19 in ACT and lockdown is free for all to access. However, we rely on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you can, you can subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support. You can also sign up for our regular newsletter. Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how to continue accessing our trusted content:


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