Anti-wax protesters target children on their way to high school

Anti-wax protesters have been slapped by parents for targeting students heading into high school.

The group of about six protesters gathered Friday morning outside Reddish Vale High School in Stockport.

Parents and council leaders have criticized the move, saying families should be left alone to make their own decisions.

The posters contained a picture of a syringe and bar messages containing ‘These vaccines harm teens’ and ‘Do you really want to inject your child with an experimental jab?’

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A mother whose child first started school in September said: “I do not see what they will achieve except to scare children who have been through enough over the last 18 months.”

She added: “My child is in year 7 and getting very anxious. One of the posters had a picture of a syringe. Another said the vaccine kills. I think it does not help to protest outside a school where older and younger children go past their case and are just to offend people. “

Like all schools in Greater Manchester, Reddish Vale recently sent letters to parents asking for consent for children to be vaccinated.

A small number of schools have already begun their vaccination programs as part of a pilot, and others will follow suit over the coming weeks.

Another Reddish Vale parent, Lyndsey, told the Manchester Evening News: “Vaccines are a choice for each and every family. The opinions of others should not be forced on us, especially our children.

“These so-called protesters do not stand outside the schools when our children have their other vaccines of school age, so why now?”

She added: “I have been working all the way through the pandemic for some time and would do far too little normality in my and my family’s lives. My daughter is almost 16 and has missed out on enough over the last year and a half.

“Having the vaccine is not our choice. These protesters clearly have no jobs and did not try to keep a company afloat during the pandemic.”

Councilor Colin Foster, Stockport Council’s cabinet member for children, family services and education, said: “It is unfortunate that a small number of people find it acceptable to bully, intimidate or make life difficult for students, parents, support staff, teachers and the NHS. staff at Reddish Vale School, or to target any school in Stockport that has been through more than enough over the past 18 months.

“Parents have the right to make an informed and private decision together with their child to accept an offer of a vaccine, if it is justified.

“The vaccine is safe and effective, and I would encourage families to work closely with their school-based vaccination team to get their loved ones vaccinated if they choose to do so prior to winter.”

We reported last month how a number of schools in Wigan were targeted by similar protests.

Anti-wax protesters outside Byrchall High School in Wigan

The campaigns pushed leaflets into students’ hands, saying ‘you have to listen’, while waving posters with the words’ when teenagers who die of Covid are rare, why vaccinate teenagers’.


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