Back 4 Blood Solo Mode blocks performance, state tracking, and progression

Back 4 Blood is out in early access for people who pre-ordered the fancy, more expensive versions of zombie shooters. And these players have discovered that trying to play the game solo means you have to give up a lot. Specifically, you will not be able to unlock performance, earn valuable supply points or even track your stats in the game. As you might expect, people are not happy about this, and devs promise to “fix the problem.”

Back 4 Blood is the latest game from the studio that originally evolved Left 4 dead. The company’s last big shooter was the interesting but flawed flop, Evolve. Like Left 4 dead, Back 4 Blood is a co-op focused zombie shooter built around teams of players or bots pushing through immortal attacked levels.

Back 4 Blood is not officially out until October 12, but players who pre-ordered either the deluxe or ultimate version of the game were given early access to the entire game from October 8. And when one of those players with early access tried to jump in Back 4 blood solo mode, they were greeted with a message warning them of all the things blocked in this mode.

Screenshot: QU4NTUM_FLUX / WB gameScreenshot: QU4NTUM_FLUX / WB game

Uses solo tires created in the Fort Hope tire menu.

Maps and dimensions will be adjusted.

Matchmaking and player invitations are disabled.

Earning supply points is deactivated.

Stat tracking is disabled.

Making progress towards results is disabled. ”

According to this announcement, players who choose to play alone will not be able to earn achievements or trophies depending on their platform, they will not be able to earn supply points, and they will not even be able to see their solo game statistics. This immediately led to some setbacks from players who felt this was too restrictive and punished soloists too harshly.

In response, devs behind Back 4 Blood issued a statement via Twitter explaining that the study “discussed ways to solve the problem.” But the developers had no time frame for when they could expect more news about the situation.

Blocking solo players from progression might not be so controversial if the game also did not require an online connection.

Back in June, Turtle Rock confirmed that the entire game (even its solo mode) would require an always online internet connection. This understandably understands players and with good reason. Making a game that can be played solo requires an always online internet connection is just stupid. Turtle Rock suggested they would add an offline mode after launch, but we haven’t really heard anything about it since June.

Combine the older news of an always online connection with the recent revelation that solo mode players will be blocked for much of the game’s progression and state tracking, and you’re in a bad situation. If the servers for this game are shut down in a few years and no offline mode is added or changes in solo progression are made, it would be a bad time and make it almost impossible to play in the future.

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