Basso Palta II 2022 review of first trip

The expansion of the gravel sector has left many brands scratching their heads in which direction to take their drop-bar off-roaders. While the answer to what is best gravel bike is very subjective, Basso strongly believes that a gravel bike should be an extension of the road bike and bring speed and efficiency with it to produce a groundbreaking machine in ups and downs. This ideology was clear with the original Lav Palta – a bike that really impressed us when we tested it.

Most gravel bikes talk about versatility and exploration, but the overall philosophy for Basso is speed. While it may not be at the top of the list for all gravel riders, speed in Basso’s eyes makes everything better. In his own words, “adventure can be competitive, that performance does not require a race number, that exploration is better with adrenaline and speed”. To distill speed into the Palta, Basso has stuck to his racing and competitive roots, drawing on his experience in creating racing bikes for the road.

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