Wed. May 18th, 2022

TORONTO- (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT) -Bird Canada expresses its disappointment at today’s Toronto City Council decision to opt out of Ontario’s e-Scooter Pilot Program.

For more than two years, proponents of micromobility, including Bird Canada, have expressed interest in participating in a small and securely managed e-scooter pilot in the city of Toronto with the aim of collecting data, feedback from the community and insights to help the city develop a world-class micro-mobility program. Unfortunately, Toronto was not interested.

Unfortunately, positive data and experiences from other jurisdictions were routinely ignored, including the safety scores for e-scooters in both Calgary and Ottawa, which specifically showed that e-scooters were as safe as bicycles, if not safer. This was also the conclusion of a report by the OECD International Transport Forum in 2020. These and other more balanced conclusions did not find their way into the city of Toronto’s latest report, despite advocates of micromobility and other cities sharing information and data with the city.

The City of Toronto decision also flies in light of recent findings from a Nanos survey showing that 70% of Toronto residents supported an e-scooter pilot.

Cities around the world are moving away from their car-centric past. Because of their recent times, e-scooters are in the same position as bicycles several years ago, and ironically, almost all of the concerns raised in the Toronto City report are as valid for bicycles and e-bikes as they are at present. is allowed in City, while e-scooters are not. A sensible option like e-scooters should not be rejected without taking the time to try them out and collect data to overcome legitimate concerns.

If the city of Toronto is serious about becoming more sustainable, green and habitable, then micromobility in all its forms, including e-scooters, must be part of the solution, as it has been in more than 200 cities around the world. In order for Toronto to achieve its Vision Zero goals, it must learn from other cities with the same goals as Oslo and Helsinki, both of which had zero traffic fatalities in 2019 and yet had thousands of e-scooters deployed as part of their joint e-scooter. scooter programs.

Bird Canada was created by an all-Canadian team in Toronto to help Canadian cities reach their climate goals by offering a low-cost, “green” transportation solution. Although we are disappointed with the decision today, we look forward to continuing this dialogue with the City of Toronto in the coming months of the post-pandemic period. Our hope is that at that time there can be a more complete analysis of sustainable modes of transport.

Let us not have Toronto to be the city that only sees challenges when others see opportunities.

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