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The PM has written pencil in November or December 2023 as the date for next sending Britain to the ballot box

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David Lammy says Labor ‘must be ready’ for elections in 2022

Boris Johnson is planning a dismal election in mid-winter in an attempt to spoil Labor wrong, according to a cabinet source.

The PM has written pencil in November or December 2023 as the date for next sending Britain to the ballot box.

He believes it will give him the best chance of repeating his success in December 2019, when Labor’s red wall crumbled, giving Mr Johnson an overall majority of 80.

Elections are usually held during the summer months because dark nights and bad weather disrupt the campaign and lower turnout on polling day.

But the source said: “Labor is fighting to get their people out more than we do, which gives us an advantage.

“And we think people will start to see the results of the PM’s leveling of the agenda with roads being built and houses being built in the Midlands and North.”



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Sir. Johnson has until May 2, 2024 to call for a general election, but he is eager not to go for the lead.

And the planned repeal of the parliamentary law with fixed terms means that the date of an election will now be in the PM’s gift again.

Five years of permanent parliamentary terms were first introduced in 2011 so that former Prime Minister David Cameron could prove to Lib Dems that he would not welcome their coalition government agreement.

But when Cameron won a majority in 2015, both Tory and Labor MPs agreed that the time-limit legislation should go.

Johnson will make the final decision on when exactly he will run for another term after the May 2023 local elections.

Boris Johnson gave his conference speech in Manchester on Wednesday



Winter elections were not uncommon in the past.

Elections were held in December 1910, 1918 and 1923. And Britain went to the polls in November 1922 and 1935.

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden said: “The PM has told me to make sure the Conservative Party’s machine is ready to go to the polls when it comes.”

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