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Boris Johnson pushed to the Costa del Sol as millions face sky-high energy bills in the UK, a cruel distribution of services, empty supermarket shelves and higher petrol prices

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GMB: Alastair Campbell says Boris Johnson is a ‘coward’

Boris Johnson is having a sunny stay in Marbella … like a cloud of misery engulfing Britain.

The prime minister pushed to the Costa del Sol as millions face rising UK energy bills, a cruel cut in benefits, empty supermarket shelves and higher petrol prices – if they can get any.

Sir. Johnson arrived Friday and is believed to be staying in a luxury villa until Thursday.

Hillside properties around Marbella typically boast private pools, smart bedrooms and great views of the countryside.

PM enjoys a sunshine break in a luxury villa while the British suffer


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The temperatures in “Marbs” – a favorite among the stars of the TV’s The Only Way Is Essex – are set at 24C today.

In London it will be 18C – although angry Britons are much warmer under the collar when the government piles over the ongoing supply and billing crisis.

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The temperatures in “Marbs” are set to 24C

A Westminster source said: “It’s fine for the Prime Minister to take a break, but the timing shows how out of touch he is with ordinary Britons facing bills, bills and even more bills.”

And a Spanish police source told the Sunday Mirror last night: “Officially we can not confirm, but unofficially he is in a large luxury villa on the border between Mar-bella and Benahavis.

“We have been made aware that the British Prime Minister will be, and that is why we are all paying extra attention. We know how important he is globally and what potential goal he is, so there are extra patrols over the next few days. . “

Critics claim the prime minister is out of touch with the current mood in the nation

It was unclear whether Johnson’s pregnant wife Carrie, 33, and their one-year-old son Wilfred were with him in Marbella.

Spain had been on the government’s amber list before green and yellow countries were merged into a list on Monday.

And Mr Johnson did not waste time jumping off shortly after the Tory conference ended, leaving the British at home to cope with the pain.

When he flew out, the store shelves at home were left empty across the country with many customers unable to buy essential food as Britain’s supply chain crisis continued.

As the prime minister enjoys a luxury break, store shelves at home stood empty throughout the country


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Some supermarket aisles were deprived of meat, fruit and frozen goods as customers panicked buying goods, including toilet roll and water bottles.

There were even warnings of a lack of festive favorites like Quality Street. Meanwhile, millions of households faced even tougher times ahead after a £ 20-week cut in Universal Credit benefits.

Sir. Johnson’s trip comes as something of a surprise, as a senior government source had first claimed in August: “The PM is going to stay this year.” But the same month, the PM said: “We need to get the travel industry going again”.

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Last year, Johnson had a summer holiday on the west coast of Scotland – rented a house on the Applecross Peninsula. And in December 2019, PM and his then-fiancé took a luxurious winter break to Mustique, a private island in the St Vincent and Grenadines archipelago.

The PM was later criticized by MPs’ watchdog for not properly explaining how the £ 15,000 holiday was funded.

Marbella, meanwhile, is also a popular spot among other leading Tories. Zac Goldsmith has an extensive property there.

And Lord Stanley Fink – a chum from PM – is said to have a place on a luxury private property.

The resort is more commonly known as popular among 20-somethings as the cast of ITV’s Towie.

Young sun seekers often go on fashion feed and then show off their bodies at beach parties in a feomenon called “No Carbohydrates Before Marble”.

Downing Street was approached for comment last night.

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