Sat. May 21st, 2022

“There are video footage that police could ascertain,” Sammon said. “They show a male diving under one of the statues. He then mixes something together, and while skating away, he throws a container of paint at the statue.”

Confront Art co-founder Andrew Cohen said that when he arrived, a team of volunteers was already on site cleaning up the statue.

“They went to hardware and bought supplies out of their own pocket,” he said. “This is inspiring teamwork and support from the community.”

Harmony Seaburg, one of the volunteers who helped clean up the statue, noted how difficult it was to see it in its ruined condition.

“It was really hard to see this bigger man than this life,” Seaburg told CNN. “We’re trying to get all the paint off his face, but it’s very emotional.”

Seaburg said the five volunteers are strangers to each other.

“A man is a painter, and he knew what he was going to get,” Seaburg said. “We are about five of us and we are not related to the project. As far as I have gathered, the people who work here do too.”

Volunteers help clean the statue.
Chris Carnabuci, the artist who made the statues, also praised the community’s response, comparing it to the community response he saw when a bust of George Floyd was destroyed in June in Brooklyn.

“In Flatbush, it was four days after the opening,” Carnabuci told CNN. “In this case, the official opening was with the press on Thursday, so it’s only been a few days.”

“I’m not shocked, but I’m still angry,” he said. “It’s a very counterproductive thing to do, and it’s not the kind of civil discourse – the key word is civil – I would.”


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