Cafe Patron is stopped around the world

Cafe Patron is the first choice for many when your friend shouts ‘shall we get some shots?’ on the big nights out.

The coffee-infused liqueur is a hell of an easier to throw in the throat than other spirits, which is why it is a favorite of people all over the world.

However, the fun moments of closing down a series of Patrón XO Cafe with your peers are now numbered.

Bacardí, the company that owns and helps produce the legendary spirit, has revealed that they are stopping Cafe Patron.

The news could not come at a worse time as companies get ready to hold Christmas parties in two months. What the hell are they going to deliver massively to the staff at the annual party?

Credit: Wheatsheaf / Twitter
Credit: Wheatsheaf / Twitter

Patrón Tequila President and COO Mauricio Vergara told The Grocer that they will focus ‘on growing and protecting the production and delivery of our core super- and ultra-premium tequilas’.

“[It’s] “An incredibly exciting time to be in the tequila industry – we are excited to see that consumer demand for tequila continues to explode around the world,” he said.

“Tequila is experiencing rapid growth and incredible speed – not only in the United States, but it is the second fastest growing category in value across the globe.”

He explained that they will dedicate all their resources and efforts to Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado, Patrón Añejo and ‘other Patrón super and ultra premium variants’. Really heartbreaking for many.

An insider told The Grocer that the decision to wipe Cafe Patron off our shelves was simply down to sales and profits.

In the UK, sales of the Patrón XO Cafe reached almost £ 2 million in mid-May earlier this year. While it may not be large, the NielsenIQ data revealed that it was an increase of £ 550,000 since the pandemic began.

There is no word on how long it will take before this delicious bottle of black tequila comes off our shelves, but there is no doubt that people around the world will have stock on it.

Inevitably, you can imagine the number of consumers who will then whip bottles of Cafe Patron on eBay and MarketPlace for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Do not be that person.


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