Sat. May 21st, 2022

When Canberra man Nic Crowther took off his pants and jumped into Burley Griffin Lake on Tuesday morning, he was not looking for a leisurely dip.

Mr Crowther, along with a handful of other Canberrans out for their early morning lockdown exercise, encountered a kangaroo stuck in shallow water near the Commonwealth Avenue bridge.

“Poor guy just sat in there shivering,” Mr. Crowther said.

“I’m not sure kangaroos can express a wish and a need, but he just looked like he wanted help.

Crowther said the group called wildlife experts to come and help, but eventually decided to “just deal with it at the moment.”

In the video of the rescue, Mr Crowther and another man he did not know can be seen trying to calm the kangaroo as they carry it back to shore.

‘It’s just what we do as a community’

When the video was posted on social media, the men were hailed as heroes by many in the comments, but Mr Crowther said anyone would have done the same in his position.

A man in a black hat stands in front of a lake.
Nic Crowther was out jogging early one morning when he saw the kangaroo in the lake.(

ABC News: Ian Cutmore


“At the end of the day, I think that’s just what any warm-blooded person would do,” he said.

“You help animals or people or whatever you need now, and we’ve seen that so many times over the years.

Sir. Crowther said the kangaroo stayed with its rescuers for a while after it was pulled out of the lake.

“I would think it was to say thank you, but the reality is that it was probably a little confused,” he said.

“There were a few times it tried to have a bit of a box, but I think it was just in a bit of a confused state.”

Tuesday morning’s sea rescue was not the first for the capital. In 2019, a kangaroo initially defied the water police’s efforts to free it from the lake – jumping right back in after being fished out with a jet ski.

And it’s not just creatures who fall victim to the lake’s calls — earlier in the year a fast-thinking cyclist hesitated “not even” as he rescued a three-year-old boy who had run straight from the trail into the city’s watery center .


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