Thu. May 19th, 2022

Alex Budd

Canberra Theater Center Director Alex Budd

According to director of the Canberra Theater Center Alex Budd, there is no better feeling than attending a show when it is “full house”.

This is something most Canberrans have not experienced in more than a year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but it is changing with the message that theaters and cinemas will soon return to 100 percent capacity as long as they have an approved COVID security plan.

The changes, which take effect from kl. 9 on April 14, means the Canberra Theater Center will welcome an additional 35,000 spectators to popular performances for sale, such as Shake & Stir previously sold out Farm and Bell Shakespeare A Man of His Time: John Bell.

Alex said full capacity will benefit over 64 current productions and allow more local and touring productions to confirm their performance in Canberra.

“This big step in our recovery allows us to bring more major productions to Canberra and continue to strengthen our support for local artists,” Alex said.

“There’s nothing like seeing first-hand the huge popularity of the event you’re attending — it’s just one of the great theatrical emotions.”

The Canberra Theater reopened to the public in August 2020 for 100 people at each performance and has gradually increased its capacity to 75 percent in accordance with the Public Health Emergency Direction.

With recent changes, it will be even more important for Canberrans to continue their COVID Safe practices to keep Canberra safe and strong. This includes staying home if one is unwell and being tested with even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms. Always practice good hand and respiratory hygiene, and check in with the Check In CBR app for contact tracking. People should still try to keep their distance from people they do not know, especially while standing in line and in foyer and bar areas.

Alex said the easing of the restrictions will have a positive “flow-on effect” for Canberra’s jobs and finances.

“It brings so many jobs to us who are involved in productions, for example technicians and ushers. Then there are the financial benefits of having thousands of people left in the Civic in the evening, ”he said.

“Suddenly we are part of a positive snowball effect. I can not wait to join my colleague Canberrans and experience the long-awaited feeling of full house. Read more about the changes here: further-changes-to-covid-normal-restrictions-in-the-act-to-keep-canberra-safe-and-strong

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