Thu. May 19th, 2022

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Knock Knock. Who’s there?

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Just a Toronto Public Library book, Nicholas Knock and Other People: Poems, by Toronto author Dennis Lee, which was recently returned to the Danforth-Coxwell branch after being taken out-wait for it-1978.

“Unfortunately, we do not know where it was and why it was with the customer for so long,” Michelle Leung, communications officer for the Toronto Public Library, said in an email statement to Sun.

“While it’s not customary to hold on to a book for that long, we always welcome library books,” she said. “This special title is a children’s poetry book. Earlier this year, we announced that we are eliminating children’s late fines in a move to remove barriers to library access. ”

To date, the Facebook post about the 43-year-old book return has given rise to about ten comments.

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A dig book checked out in 1978 was finally returned to the Danforth / Coxwell Library last month.
A dig book checked out in 1978 was finally returned to the Danforth / Coxwell Library last month. Photo by Danforth / Coxwell Library /Facebook

“Smart. They must have waited until late fees are waived.;),” Wrote Sandra Mifsud

“I have a word. Seinfeld! Wrote Susan Lagosky.

If you remember, the library episode from the 90s sitcom Seinfeld found the title character Jerry with a library fine from 1971 for the book Tropic of Cancer, and he was confronted by a hard-hitting library researcher Mr. Phllip Baker Hall).

But before you think we can all publicly shame the borrower of Lee’s book back in Toronto, Leung said the library does not “retain / share customer loan information.”

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However, she said “people are responsible for returning materials and those who do not still have to pay the replacement costs.”

Lee, now 82, is perhaps best known for writing the children’s rhyme book, Alligator Pie from 1974.

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