City mask statutes expire, but masks are still required indoors

Provincial masking rules will continue to apply.

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More than a year after it was passed, Ottawa’s temporary mandatory mask statute expires this week.

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But that does not mean that masks are no longer required in enclosed spaces in the city.

“The city’s decision not to extend its own temporary mandatory mask statute beyond the August 26, 2021 expiration date does not mean that the need or requirement for masking will be abandoned,” the city said in a statement issued Monday.

Provincial masking rules will continue to apply.

Masks will still be required in shops, museums, malls and in transit. Those who do not follow the rules or wear the mask properly will still be fined.

The city said its bylaws were originally enacted before provincial rules were in place.

It has been extended several times since its adoption in July 2020.

The city said it could reintroduce a local ordinance if the situation in Ottawa differs from the rest of the province.

Masks have been widely credited for helping reduce transmission, not only of COVID-19 but also of other infectious diseases.

Information on the province’s masking plan is available at

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