Coach truth bomb over white powder scandal

Seen here, a screenshot of the white powder video that landed three Storm players in hot water.

Three Melbourne Storm players were sanctioned after a video surfaced of those partying with a white powder visible on a table. Image: Channel nine

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy has made a fantastic concession white powder video scandal there saw three of his players being slapped with fines and suspensions.

Cameron Munster, Brandon Smith and Chris Lewis were all sanctioned over the controversial video on Tuesday before Munster revealed he was entering a rehab facility to deal with his “fight” against alcohol abuse.

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The storm warned that the star player was on his last chance after video after the season appeared of him partying with the other two players, with a white powder visible on the table in front of them.

Munster, Smith and Lewis all received reports of breaches of the NRL on Tuesday to bring the game to shame.

The trio will miss the season opener in 2022 and face various fines, with Munster being hit hardest after being sentenced to a $ 30,000 penalty.

The storm also fined Munster $ 100,000.

Melbourne Storm CEO Justin Rodksi was grilled over the incident during a video link-up that revealed that the NRL was not allowed to test the players in the low season and that he had no idea what substance the white powder was.

“Through excessive alcohol consumption and intoxication, players have limited memory of what happened or did not happen in this hotel room,” Rodksi said.

Speaking of 4BC Radio’s ‘Afternoons with Sofie Formica’, the Melbourne coach challenged this claim, insisting that the players were “well aware” that what they had done was wrong.

Seen here, Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy speaks to the media after a game in 2021.

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy says he and the club are extremely disappointed with the players’ actions seen in the video. Image: Getty

The Storm Coach’s stern reprimand for the trio

“A lot has been said, it’s really disappointing for us as a club. It’s been really disappointing for the match,” Bellamy said.

“Those guys are very aware that they have done the wrong thing. It is important now that we give them the help and guidance they need to not make these mistakes again.

“I do not know if having a snort of cocaine or a line of cocaine … is worse for your body or worse for you than half a dozen schooners. But the big difference is having a dozen schooners is not illegal. “

The Melbourne coach then claimed that what his players had been involved in was “illegal”.

“What disappoints me so much is that these guys earn a good living, they do what they love in life, and what they did was illegal.

“They were very, very well aware of that.”

The Storm trio have maintained that they were too drunk to remember what the white powder was, and Yahoo Sport Australia does not suggest that it was an illegal substance.

Cameron Munster (pictured left) and Brandon Smith (pictured right) have covered suspensions and fines from the NRL over their layoffs after the season.  (Getty Images)

Cameron Munster (pictured left) and Brandon Smith (pictured right) have covered suspensions and fines from the NRL over their layoffs after the season. (Getty Images)

Melbourne has put Munster on a 12-month liquor ban and removed him from the Storm leadership team as well as the suspended $ 100,000 fine.

The club’s chief executive said that if the fifth-eighth representative violated the alcohol ban, he would face the large fine and face Storm’s board, which would decide his fate.

Asked if the 27-year-old was on his last chance after previous disciplinary questions Rodski replied, “I think you could take from the fact that he is, yes.”

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