Tue. May 17th, 2022

Poster by artist Sophie Cazabon

Artist Sophie Cazabon has hung up her posters in the inner north of Canberra to encourage COVID-19 vaccination. Photo: Jeremy Jones.

Canberra’s sense of community during the COVID-19 lockdown has inspired local artist Sophie Cazabon to decorate the streets of Canberra with homemade posters urging people to get vaccinated.

“I love the sense of community that comes from COVID-19 restrictions, seeing the chalk drawings on the sidewalk, painted stones and communal artwork in Canberra,” says Sophie, who also works as a social worker for young people.

Her the latest work of art is Canberra-focused, and she depicts the city’s sense of community through recognizable landmarks in her art.

“I grew up here, but this pandemic and lockdown has really helped me get a sense of community,” Sophie says. “I started by making drawings on my windows and chalk drawings outside for fun. I was obsessed with art throughout school and went to the Canberra School of Art when I was 20 and studying printmaking. I wish I had appreciated my time there more. ”

Sophie is strong feelings about getting the COVID-19 vaccination inspired her to show off her artwork to encourage Canberrans to get the jab. She started by putting up the posters in Dickson.

Poster art by Sophie Cazabon on iPad

Sophie Cazabon has used her iPad to make colorful prints. Photo: Sophie Cazabon.

“These are my local stores, but I have also posted in other stores around North Canberra,” she says. “I feel very strongly about vaccinations, and it worries me when I hear about people who do not want to be vaccinated. I wanted this poster to be a positive image as I do not see anything negative in wanting to take care of yourself, your family and your community through vaccination. ”

Lockdown has helped Sophie reconnect with her artistic nature.

I think when you live in a bubble, you value things so much more, ”she says. “All the beautiful parts of Canberra that are outside – you are forced to be outside, which is really positive.”

Over the past six months, Sophie has discovered a new medium for creating art on her iPad.

“I love working on my iPad for so many reasons,” she says. “It’s easy to pull it out of my bag – no setup required, no clipping and gluing with scissors or a pen.

“I also love that it works so well for my style. I like a very graphic look and I love patterns and layering.

“Right now I see vaccination as such an important thing. It is a priority in Canberra, Australia and the world.

“I have included some of Canberra’s iconic sites. Telstra Tower is replaced with a COVID-19 connector, and I have pictured Parliament House, a busly, the light rail, the Shine Dome, a crane because they are everywhere right now, and a roundabout that we have so many here.

“I also have a different perception of Ken Behren’s fun. I put Wally [from Where’s Wally?] in a Canberra setting to make fun of who Ken Behrens could be. ”

Sophie has also created works of art to help his three-year-old son make sense of the changing environment under COVID-19.

“I worry that my son only sees people in face masks,” she says. “In one picture, I put a face mask on one of his favorite TV characters, Bluey, and put the picture back in a setting he knows well, Canberra.”

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