Thu. May 26th, 2022

The Ministry of Health says a test taken yesterday in Auckland has turned positive today for a person who is currently in Katikati.

A resident is being tested at a pop-up test center in the suburbs of Clover Park in South Auckland

File photo.
Photo: STUFF / David White

The city is currently at alarm level 2.

In a statement, the ministry said the person lives in Pukekohe and is in the process of moving to a rural area north of Katikati.

“The test result has a high CT value that is usually seen in the early or late stage of infection and is under further investigation, including a repeat test,” the ministry said.

“The person has been given permission to cross the border in and out of Auckland as he is in the process of changing houses.

“As part of this, the person has had regular monitoring tests – at least five tests have been taken since the beginning of September, the most recent prior test was October 5. All five of these tests were negative.”

The ministry said the person was a consistent user of the contact tracking app that will help identify all places of interest.

The person is fully vaccinated and has not reported any symptoms other than seasonal hay fever and a consequent runny nose.

Members of the individual family have been contacted and are currently isolating themselves. Results are expected tomorrow.

“The current public health assessment is that the risk appears low given the person’s vaccination status, regular test history, good use of the app and quick contact, testing and isolation of family members,” the ministry said.


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