Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

COVID vaccination letters are targeted at GPs, pharmacists who demand that they ‘cease and cease’ or face ‘punishment’

Doctors and pharmacists say they are facing an increase in harassment from anti-waxxers, including fake legal letters that threaten to deprive them of their indemnity unless they stop administering COVID vaccines to the public.

Alvin Wee runs a vaccination clinic on weekends during his surgery in Rockingham, south of Perth.

He recently had a four-wheel drive cruise past the clinic — which is held outside so people can socially distance themselves — and blames anti-vaccination moods over a speaker for his patients.

“They did not stop us physically, they did not actually harass us in that way, but in a way it was [harassment] because it was drive-by-shout … a drive-by message on the speaker … ‘read it in small print, you’re sure you want it’ and stuff like that, “said Dr. Wee.

“Was it scary? A little because we did not expect it to happen.

“For patients, mothers and fathers with teenagers who have taken their children with them … they should not have been exposed to such a thing.”

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