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The popularity of Genshin Impact is unmatched when it comes to gacha games. The story, graphics, and engaging combat found in miHoYo’s flagship title have encouraged many streamers to create content around its immersive world.

Enviosity, an enigmatic gamer and streamer, is one of the most popular content creators admired by fans worldwide. He also holds the title of the most watched Genshin Impact streamer on Twitch with a fan base of 538K.

Not only Twitch, Enviosity is also famous on YouTube, and his channel has 371K subscribers. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Enviosity talks about his journey in the video game world, his love and dedication to Genshin Impact and more.

Q. Becoming one of the most productive Genshin Impact streamers out there will be challenging as well as rewarding! Tell us how you began your journey in the gaming world and what inspired you to dive into the world of this action game.

I started streaming about eight years ago with Call of Duty. My main reason for setting up a Twitch account was to easily record my competitive matches and upload proof of victory effortlessly. Eventually, I fell in love with making connections around the world and meeting new people.

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Gradually, I switched from FPS games to a platform game known as Super Mario Maker in March 2016. I became a partner streamer on Twitch, thanks to SMM, on September 9, 2016. After playing the game for a continuous year without breaks, I became inevitably burned out, which made me seek out other games.

A viewer recommended a game called “Arknights”, which was a tower defense anime-style gacha game. Normally I am not into mobile gaming, but something about it piqued my interest. I enjoy strategy games, so it was pretty easy to connect to this.

After realizing that Arknights was taking over my real life, leaving me with little or no free time, I decided it would be best to drop the game. However, my gacha addiction was still there. I immediately picked up another gacha game called “Epic 7” and was instantly hooked for another month or two. Despite having fun, I still felt like there was a void.

Epic 7 did not make me feel like I was part of the action. While playing it, I felt like a spectator. This is where Genshin Impact came in. After previewing the game, I was happy to admit that everything about it worked perfectly. Everything from the music, to the landscape and the immersive struggle. I knew then that Genshin Impact would be the last gacha game I would ever play.

Q. Unusual usernames are very common in the game scenario; and your real name seems to be top secret! Is there a hidden story behind your quirky username? Do you want to share your real name with us?

My online username “Enviosity” comes from Anime. I was a fan of anime “Fullmetal Alchemist: The Brotherhood ‘‘. The story revolved around the seven deadly sins, and the sin “Envy” cried out to me and seemed the most related to the others. The rest was me just putting a suffix at the end of “Envy” to make it look like a real name.

As for my real name, I do not want to disclose it now!

Question: Apart from Genshin Impact, are there other games you like to play? What games did you play when you were growing up?

The earliest games I can remember having played, as far as consoles are concerned, will be SNES with The Tick, Donkey Kong Country 3, Kirby’s Dreamland 3, etc. When it comes to handheld games, I was always a Pokemon fan, and it was basically the only game I wanted for my Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

My PC was never strong enough to handle games, so I would often find myself playing browser games and even Minesweeper and Solitaire.

Q. Being a full-time content creator has its own pros and cons. What is the best aspect of content creation? What set of challenges do you face when it comes to regular streaming?

I have noticed that with full-time content creation, I am my own boss. I determine my streaming hours and according to my convenience. The big downside to this, however, would be that my brain is never turned off and I am constantly struggling with myself to keep pushing more content out or thinking of more content ideas for either streaming or YouTube uploads.

With a standard 9 to 5 job, it is much easier to separate work and private life. With streaming, at least for me there is no power button. This is my biggest struggle and obstacle that I am still trying to overcome.

Sp. Streaming and creating content requires time, patience and commitment. When you’re not busy creating content, how do you like to invest your time?

I am very bad at managing my time. I discipline myself to make sure I stream every single day without a break. When I’m free, I like to spend time with my wife.

Q. You have quite a fan base on both YouTube and Twitch. Do you separate the content depending on the platform? Which platform, of these two, do you prefer and why?

Hopefully with this whole Twitch leak incident, viewers are not harassing Streamers. Streamers show their number and viewers can just multiply this number by “x” to get the rough estimate. Combine that with all the great giveaways I make monthly and you’ve connected the dots.

If I have to compare YouTube and Twitch, I would highly prefer Twitch. Growing up using Twitch as my primary platform, I learned to love memes and the community that comes with them. I do not share my content from Twitch and YouTube as YouTube is the main reason I grew so fast with Genshin Impact.

Discoverability is best done on YouTube. I do not plan to mess with the YouTube algorithm by uploading non-Genshin related content, but I always have the option of another YouTube channel if the idea arises.

Q. Genshin Impact is highly valued in the gaming community. Despite its strength, what is the only thing you want to change in the game to make it more F2P friendly?

I’m at a time when I’m very unmotivated to upload videos to YouTube (besides my clip channel) Genshin Impact in its current state makes it worse because it feels like there is nothing to do other than log in, burn resin , make commissions and log out. I feel 2.2 will be the same

At the moment I do not like how the Weapon Banner system works. Even after some changes miHoYo have made, I still preach that the weapon banner should be off-limits for F2Ps, and they should just focus on the characters they enjoy instead.

I have not wished for a single time on the arms banner and have no plans for it ever. I’m grateful that miHoYo gives us such great looking 4-star weapons (Festering Desire, The Catch, Dodoco Tales, etc.), but I wish 5-star weapons were easier to obtain.

Sp. Genshin Impact has just completed a year and there has been a lot of controversy about the first anniversary rewards given by miHoYo. What is your opinion on this? Is there a suggestion you would like to give to the publisher?

I feel like miHoYo could have taken a different path with the rewards for the first anniversary to delight the fans. The rewards felt lazy as it was just a copy / paste from a previous Genshin event called “Lantern Rite”. Without sounding justified, miHoYo could have given us something more memorable in the game. I would have been happy with a custom skin, weapon or even a name card. All for us players who were here to look back on the first year anniversary.

Q. Genshin Impact is quite an immersive game in terms of action and the various activities that players can indulge. Which game do you think is Genshin’s biggest competitor in terms of action and gameplay?

I want to be honest with you. Genshin Impact controls a lot of boxes in terms of compatibility (can be played on PS4-PS5, PC, mobile devices, etc.), Beautiful scenery, phenomenal music and immersive combat. Plus, it’s free to play on top of it all.

It’s extremely difficult to find a competitor to Genshin at the moment as I can not see any other game currently giving what this title gives me. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and can easily say that they enjoy another game more. For me, this is my ideal game.

Sp. Which Genshin Impact character will you never get bored with? Do you have a favorite item?

Kazuha is my favorite Genshin Impact character. His playing style just feels so smooth and I honestly can not see myself playing the game without having him at my party. Since he’s an Anemo character, that’s a plus for me, given that these characters in Genshin are more versatile in team components and synergy.

Q. Genshin Impact has its fair share of powerful villains and monsters. What was your toughest boss fight while you were a beginner? What were the characters you used?

The characters I used the most to start with would be the original 7 characters – Aether / Lumine, Amber, Noelle, Kaeya, Lisa, Xiangling and Barbara. These are the seven characters that everyone in the game gets no matter when they start. Since I had never wanted limited sign banners, I have enjoyed them for several early months.

Luckily, boss fights were never really an issue for me. The only fight I can remember having in Genshin Impact in the early stages was the original Spiral Abyss Floor 12. When I thought back on it, I probably spent about two weeks trying to clear this in twelve hours every single day.

Sp. Most content creators rely on massive investments that are not affordable for F2Ps. What tips and tricks do you want to share with the aspiring streamers out there?

All I can say to any aspiring streamer of Genshin Impact is: Be yourself. Being unique and original will help you in the long run rather than being a shadow of another. Just be your true self and hope for the best.


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