Sat. May 21st, 2022

The budget airline's new uniforms will be introduced this month.

SkyUp Airlines

The budget airline’s new uniforms will be introduced this month.

A European budget airline is dropping high heels, blouses and pencil skirts for its female stewardesses in an attempt to make the work environment more comfortable for the crew.

Instead SkyUp Airlines introduces the Nike Air Max 720s and a loose suit with pants and a white T-shirt and silk scarf.

The changes take effect later this month, and Alexandrina Denysenko, a senior flight attendant at the Ukrainian airline, told Reuters it could not come soon enough.

“Shoes on heels look beautiful, I do not argue with that, but feet suffer and swell at the end of the flight. Sneakers are absolutely cool, ”said Denysenko.

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The safety factor was also an issue for her: “God forbid, but if a crew has to land in water and evacuate, heels can damage the ladder, and it will not be very comfortable to swim in a skirt.”

SkyUp Airlines is following a trend from airlines away from the more formal look for crew, especially female staff. Virgin Atlantic dropped its mandatory make-up requirements for flight attendants in 2019, while Japan Airlines and Norwegian Air dropped high heels to flat shoes.

SkyUp, which serves 34 scheduled year-round and seasonal destinations from Ukrainian airports, announced the changes earlier in the year, at which point Marianna Grigorash, head of SkyUp Airlines’ marketing department, said it was too late.

“Before we created a new concept in collaboration with Frame Fashion Consultancy, we dived into history and analyzed the global development of the uniform for stewardesses from the early 1930s. It changed depending on the role that the crew played during the flight, ”he said Grigorash.

“Times have changed, women have changed, so in contrast to the conservative classics, heels, red lipstick and a bun, a new, more modern and comfortable image of a ‘master’ has emerged. Freedom, natural beauty, individuality, no patterns and sneakers where everyone ‘wants to fly’. ”

Stewardess uniforms got news earlier this year here in Aotearoa when Air New Zealand released a video of clothing over the years.

From a military-style women’s suit inspired by World War II to a colorful mini dress called “Jellybean” and outfits criticized for making cabin crew look like characters from cult 60s sci-fi series Thunderbirds, the national carrier’s uniforms have always provoked a reaction.

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