Tue. May 17th, 2022

The BC Supreme Court has issued a ruling banning one of the top executives at the BC car sales regulator from practicing law and declaring that she is a lawyer.

Loraine Lee, chief operating officer of the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA), was the subject of a petition filed by the Bar Association in May, alleging that she had misrepresented herself in her position in the VSA and in her role as a board member of both the Mental Health Review Board and Passenger Transportation Board.

The petition called for her to be barred from practicing law.

Loraine Lee serves on the Mental Health Review Board and Passenger Transportation Board in addition to her role on the Vehicle Sales Authority. (Kirby Brame / snapd Victoria)

According to the petition, Lee was a member of the bar for about seven months beginning in June 1987.

Lee denied these allegations, saying when she was hired, the U.S. was fully aware that she was not a practicing attorney.

On October 6, Lee is permanently prohibited from acting as a lawyer, drawing, auditing or settling legal documents and cases, providing legal advice and representing that she is qualified to practice law until she becomes a good member of the Law Society of BC

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