Fri. May 20th, 2022

The protest group says it will occupy major intersections, bridges and close Vancouver International Airport.

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Climate protesters are planning a series of protests in Vancouver this month, including the occupation of major intersections, bridges and the “closure” of Vancouver International Airport.

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In a written statement, environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion Canada said it wanted a commitment from provincial and federal governments to end fossil fuel subsidies ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow, which starts on 31 October.

If that claim is rejected, Extinction Rebellion plans to launch what it calls the October Uprising, a two-week campaign for massive civil disobedience in Vancouver that begins on October 16.

Protests are planned against major intersections, including Burrard and Georgia Streets and Broadway and Commercial, as well as bridges such as Burrard Street and Cambie Street Bridges.

A protest is scheduled for October 25 at Vancouver International Airport.

The Extinction Rebellion said the protests would be non-violent, but that protesters plan to occupy places “until the arrest.”

The group is holding a press conference in Vancouver on Saturday.

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