Facebook is transforming its VR social network by removing ‘Facebook’ from the name

After two years in beta, Facebook Horizon is getting some big changes, including a whole new name. Facebook Horizon, the VR extension of the company’s social network, will in future be known as Horizon Worlds to better suit the app’s functionality. Facebook is also launching a new creator program as it shifts to using its own world-creation tools exclusively, hoping to entice content creators to join them in creating rich VR worlds.

If you are an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 owner, go to the sign-up page to sign up for the Horizon Worlds beta and see what all the hub is all about. Once accepted, you can download the great new Horizon Worlds update and get to explore all kinds of virtual worlds with friends and strangers.

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If you’ve ever played one of the best Roblox games, get an idea of ​​the organization of Horizon Worlds. Players create their own avatar and can take the new online identity with them in hundreds (or thousands) of different worlds to explore. Each world is completely different and can include games, social spaces to hang out or even ticketed virtual events to attend, e.g. Concerts or plays.

In essence, Facebook seeks to replicate real life with something like Horizon Worlds rather than the concept of social media as we know it at the moment. It’s certainly hard to escape that Facebook removed its own name from the platform, but no doubt makes many wonder about its plans for the concept by and large.

Facebook’s own blog post about the update describes the new $ 10 million Creator Fund, which will help encourage people to create new and better virtual worlds that everyone can live in. They even run community contests for creators that include up to $ 10,000 in cash prizes for the winners. If you’re interested, be sure to check out Horizon Worlds and see what you can create.

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