Garland son-in-law’s race-obsessed education firm urges schools to push lawmakers to adopt its ideas and keep taxpayers on the tab

ONE curriculum company with links to Attorney General Merrick Garland sells local educators on his “awakened” educational materials and shows them how to keep state and federal taxpayers with the bill.

Panorama Education, founded by Garland’s son-in-law Xan Tanner, produces teaching materials focusing on systemic racism, oppression, white supremacy and intersectionality, all under the heading “Social-Emotional Learning.” The company’s multi-million dollar marketing plan seems to be to get educators to shop around and then show them how to pay for it all with government grants.


“International SEL Day is a perfect opportunity to tell your politicians that the commitment to dismantle repression systems and promote equity-centric SEL is important to you,” the Panorama “toolbox” reads. “Contact your local, regional, state and national politicians.”

Panorama’s curriculum material has angered some parents across the country, who see critical race theory and similar approaches as teaching K-12 children that they are either victims or oppressors based on their skin color. Garland raged parent groups this week when he assigned the FBI to help tackle what he called an increase in “harassment” and “threats of violence” against school board members. Some parent groups believe it was an attempt to cool them off from objecting to controversial curricula, which the DOJ denies.

Panorama’s curriculum is as profitable as it is controversial. The company’s revenue is not public, but it boasts that it “supports 13 million students in 21,000 schools” and has raised tens of thousands of dollars from investors. But most of its money apparently comes from taxpayers, and Panorama uses educators to exploit them.

One Zoom 2021 workshop on “SEL as Social Justice: Dismantling White Supremacy Within Systems and Self” included several “calls to action” for the hundreds of teachers and others who participated. At least five slides provided explicit talking points that educators could use to advance Panorama’s approach to government officials.

“My name is [NAME] and I am your voter. I am writing to you today to ask you to fight for our children who are being oppressed in our society [CITY, TOWN, STATE, REGION, or COUNTRY], “The Panorama Toolbox advises educators to tell officials.” Promoting racial and cultural inclusion K-12 social-emotional learning programming is one way our school community can work to confront structural racism. … I urge you to consider anti-racist SEL as an integral part of dealing with complex political issues facing our children, such as oppression. “

Panorama also recommends asking lawmakers to support certain bills and give an example of what to say: “If you come across future bills that provide funding for SEL and / or resources to phase out systemic repression, I ask you to fight for it – both locally and nationally. ”



In one of the Panorama “Think, Write, Tweet” slides, the education firm provides information on how to contact elected officials, from the president to local leaders.

Panorama also recommends that educators “tweet to your politician with a text from your lawyer’s letter,” and it even provides a link which automatically generates a tweet to tag elected officials that reads: “Educators know that it is important to develop the whole child. At the international #SELDay, I urge my legislators to support #SEL and support bills that eliminate systemic repression. @_______ @________ (cc: @PanoramaEd) # whole children # supply. ”

Panorama also has extensive guidance on how schools can apply for federal funding to spend on its products.

“Panorama is committed to helping schools and districts find funding sources for new tools that can support students,” it said. “We’ve put together resources that can be helpful in identifying sustainable sources of funding for your school or district.”

The education firm proposes that schools apply for funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act; law on health, financial assistance, liability protection and schools; The emergency aid fund at primary and secondary school; the US rescue plan; and Title I, II and IV of the Department of Education to be used on Panorama.


Elizabeth Breese, vice president of marketing at Panorama, told the Washington Examiner that there is no conflict between what the company does and its co-founder’s strong connections.

“The only relationship between Panorama Education and Attorney General Merrick Garland is that Panorama’s co-founder Xan Tanner is AG Garland’s son-in-law,” she said.

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