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A man has been jailed for 13 years for raping a girl on her 16th birthday.

Father of two Irving was jailed this week (Photo: Media Wales)

A man has been jailed for 13 years for raping a 16-year-old girlth birthday.

Prince Irving, 28, attended a party two years ago in a rented apartment in Cardiff, where the teenager darkened after her drink was added to cocaine.

She woke up and found herself in a bedroom where another man raped her, and Irving then raped her herself.

Judge Daniel Williams at Newport Crown Court told him: ‘She screamed in pain when you raped her and she asked you to stop but you would not. Your answer was a terrible boast that she could not handle you. ‘

In a statement on the consequences for victims read out yesterday by prosecutor Matthew Cobbe, the girl said the rape had limited her ability to live a normal life.

She said: ‘I went out to celebrate my birthday and ended up in the middle of a nightmare. Every year I celebrate my birthday, it will be the anniversary of my attack.

A teenager was raped on her 16th birthday after she was given a drink of cocaine and woke up to find men attacking her.  The victim attended a party in Cardiff in 2019 and was exploited by rapist Prince Irving and others who spiced her drink with the Class A drug that caused her to black out.  After the arrest, Irving, 28, claimed he had never been to Cardiff, but a swab taken from the victim turned out to have a positive match with his DNA.  The girl, who has lifelong anonymity, said she would remember the attack every time she celebrated a birthday.  Credit: Media Wales

The rapist was sentenced to 13 years in prison (Photo: Media Wales)

‘I have a little more social life and my self-confidence is very low. I feel too eager to go out at night and I am reluctant to leave the security of the house.

‘Sometimes I feel like the memory of the attack is fading a bit, but something will trigger a flashback and I’m back to the first one.

‘The incident has left me extremely wary of men and I am not even considering forming a relationship. It will take a while before I regain that confidence.

‘It hurts me to see the effect on my family – it has caused stress and anguish for all the members for whom I irrationally feel responsible.’

File image of Newport Crown Court Credit: Media Wales

Newport Crown Court, where the case was heard (Photo: Media Wales)

The girl also said her GCSE exams were affected and did not think her results reflected her potential.

Irving, from Harrow in London, denied rape and initially claimed he had never been to Cardiff, but he was found guilty after a trial.

The court heard he became a father for the second time, but he missed the birth when he was detained.

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