Hackers Reveal Earnings From The Best Poker Streamers On Twitch

Hackers Reveal Earnings From The Best Poker Streamers On Twitch

October 8, 2021

Adrian stars

Pull out the TVTwitch streamers have been bored by a massive data hack that has compromised their confidential information. Reports were circulating that Twitch, one of the most popular live streaming sites in the world, had been compromised and the source code stolen.

Twitch came out on Twitter and confirmed that their system had been compromised and that a hack was taking place. They said their system experts were working to understand how serious the hack was and what information was being compromised.

It shows reports The Twitch source code was stolen along with over 125GB of text-compressed data. The data consisted of a lot of player information, such as their payouts and technical specifications for what products Twitch had on the way. The data was leaked on a website called 4Chan but so far there is no clear information on who is behind the hack.

Twitch decided to be extra careful and reset all power keys for players and informed them of this huge rest via Twitter.

Top Poker Streamers

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about how much YouTube and Twitch streamers earn. The best poker streamers on YouTube may not do as well as some poker fans think they do. The leaked data shows that the top Twitch streamer is Dutch streamer Lex Veldhuis who recorded just over $ 294,000 in payouts.

PokerStars recently had to leave the Dutch poker market after the Netherlands launched its legal gaming market on October 1st. Veldhuis can no longer stream from PokerStars, but told his followers that he is looking at finding an alternative way to do it.

Behind Veldhuis is “Real Geordie“If real name is Brian Davis. He streams a lot of different content, including poker and has recorded over $ 235,000 in payouts. In third place is Ben Spraggy who has just over $ 128,000 in payouts.

Some of the other popular poker streamers that include Matt and Jamie Staples, Jeff Gross and Arlie Shaban do not do near as much as Veldhuis or Davis. Matt Staples has been paid $ 84,000, while his brother Jamie has been paid $ 59,000. Arlie Shaban raised under $ 35,000 in payouts while Jeff Gross took just under $ 40,000 home.

The Twitch hack and data leakage of what poker streamers do was also a topic of discussion at the Two Plus Two poker forum.

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