Thu. May 19th, 2022

A 25-year-old Hamilton man faces numerous charges, including first-degree murder, police said after a deadly domestic invasion and abduction last month.

That. Sgt. Steve Bereziuk with the Hamilton Police Service told the media on Friday afternoon that detectives are still looking for two other suspects in the abduction of Hamilton man Faqir Ali. During the home invasion, Ali’s son, Hasnain, was shot and killed, while his brother, who was also shot, is still recovering from his injuries.

“We are going to continue to hold the other two accountable,” he said.

Police say they responded to reports of a shooting on Sept. 16 at about 3 a.m. in the Mount Hope area.

Relatives of the homeowners previously told CBC Hamilton that people blew up guns.

Bereziuk said the suspects and the accused targeted Ali, but his sons tried to protect him.

Police say Faqir Ali was taken from his home near Glancaster Road and Dickenson Road in Mount Hope around 3pm on 16 September. (Paul Smith / CBC)

They were both shot before Ali was thrown into a dark SUV and kidnapped.

His wife and daughter were also at home but were not injured.

When police arrived, they say Ali’s sons, both in their 20s, had gunshot wounds and were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The motive is still unclear, but money was demanded

Investigators say after Faqir was kidnapped, he was assaulted and eventually found near Beach Boulevard, about 25 miles from home.

“I do not think Beach Boulevard was the end point they wanted to be at, I will not go into detail why Beach Boulevard ended up being the area where Mr. Ali was eventually found … I do do not think I am getting into anything further into their plan, “Bereziuk said.

He said Ali and his son, whose name has not been made public, are “lucky to be alive”.

Faqir Ali was ‘taken seriously’ from his home near Glancaster Road and Dickenson Road in Mount Hope around 3am on the morning of September 16, police said. He is still recovering in hospital. (Hamilton police)

Bereziuk said police are still investigating the motive behind the attack, but said there was money involved.

“The accused was looking for money from Mr Ali. I will not say specifically how much money, but of course an amount was demanded and money has never been raised,” he said.

“They did not reach their final goal, so that is very much a focus of our study.”

Bereziuk said investigators were aware of an online post from a law firm in Mississauga about $ 12,000 owed by Ali in 2018, but there is no apparent connection to the record and the attack.

He added that no demands had been made by the kidnappers and the family was not known to Hamilton police.

Bereziuk said the accused was arrested on the 16th in the mountain area around noon. 23 after using witness information to locate the vehicle. He said they found a gun in the car.

Now the man has been charged with the murder primarily at the death of Hasnain Ali, 21, also known as Nano.

The Hamilton man is also facing attempted murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and numerous firearms charges.

Antoine Chambers has been remanded in custody, police said, and will be in court Oct. 13.

Bereziuk said he urges the remaining suspects to contact a lawyer and make themselves known.

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