Hootsuite’s flagship office in Vancouver reconfigured to imagine future work after COVID

In January 2021, Hootsuite’s 27,000 square meter flagship office was reconfigured from traditional cabins to workplaces and treadmills, bicycle or sit-stand desks

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As more companies switch to hybrid work models, the design and functionality of the Vancouver office has changed – especially for Hootsuite employees.

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Of the 450 employees locally in the global digital service company, the 10 percent who returned to work on September 7 were met with a completely different floor plan.

“We asked employees what they were looking for as the pandemic gains more control,” said Tara Ataya, Hootsuit’s chief of staff and diversity officer. “While free snacks and table tennis tables may have cut it before the pandemic, post-pandemic culture will require companies to become catalysts for a healthy environment.”

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Hootsuite’s 27,000 square foot flagship office at 111 East 5th Ave. was in January 2021 reconfigured from traditional cabins to communal sofas and treadmills, bicycle or seating table.

The office now has both quiet and common spaces for different work styles – along with ergonomic desk options comes an increased number of meeting rooms and personal bellows. It also boasts a wellness space where workers can breastfeed, meditate and pray.

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A meeting room in Hootsuite's flagship office at 111 East 5th Ave.  in Vancouver.
A meeting room in Hootsuite’s flagship office at 111 East 5th Ave. in Vancouver. jpg

“Increasing employee comfort enables them to do their best work,” Ataya said, citing the installation of dimmable air lighting and automatic door opening.

“Employees who are concerned about their health during a pandemic should no longer touch door handles.”

The global company made a decision in 2020 to allow employees to work externally indefinitely, accept that some will not return to the office.

“We also know that not everyone who comes in will do it all the time,” Ataya said. “Healthy employees are the ones who get the time and space to be, and that is also why we have increased the benefits sixfold for mental health services during the pandemic. ”

An individual desk cushion in Hootsuite's 27,000-square-foot flagship office at 111 East 5th Ave.
An individual desk cushion in Hootsuite’s 27,000-square-foot flagship office at 111 East 5th Ave. jpg

On Monday, Hootsuite announced its plans to offer staff an extra week off from work each year. Named “Wellness Week”, the paid time-off will see Vancouver employees log out of their digital devices at the same time in the first week of July.

“It’s not just about looking at the physical space of the office, but paying attention to the physiological well-being and safety of the people who work there,” Ataya said.

The company recently revised its benefit program to cover medical costs associated with gender reassignment surgery and fertility treatments.

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