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apple pie

Mile high apple pie topped with ‘liquid crack’. Photo: Delivered.

If we were to be in lockdown everywhere, this city, home to world-famous milkshakes, the umami fries of your dreams and the most sumptuous donuts, is definitely where I want to be. Now there is a new oversized taste experience in Canberra.

Before reading ahead, ask your health app to calculate how many more steps you need to take to indulge guilt-free in the dessert you did not know you needed in your life.

What is this new delicacy? Apple pie by the exclusively online Crack Bakery.

Apple pies

Rows and rows of apple pie perfection. Photo: Delivered

Before dismissing the concept outright, you should know that the crazy, big concept geniuses behind Crack apple pies are Anna and Gina Petridis’ former owners of the wildly successful Patissez Cafe.

“Around the COVID-19 closures last year, I came up with the idea of ​​making an epic apple pie,” explains Anna.

“Everyone loves apple pie, right? But I would not yet see a sensational. So mom and I went to work. Mom is just so good at taste; we really love rustic happy food and this pie literally marks every box. I wanted it to be ridiculous, like a version of the real life of a cartoon pie. A huge, swollen excessive crust; an epic dome in the middle stacked full of apples. ”

Anna describes a product filled with love.

The apples are cut by hand because no machines cook them exactly as she wants. Each pie contains a kilo of perfectly stewed and spicy apples stuffed inside the fabulous crust.

Apple pies

One kilo of apples in each pie. Photo provided.

“When you open the box and see it for the first time, it really is a sight,” she says.

“It sounds silly, but every time I eat one, I can not get over how amazing it is. Not too sweet, super more-like, the apples still have body so they are not lush. And the ridiculous pastry! ”

During their Patissez Cafe year, the Petridis family really got to know what people want; they came to understand the kind of dining experience that customers want.

“I’ve found that 99 percent of people just love to be fed,” says Anna. “They do not care about fancy things. They want good, healthy and filling food that is great to look at. I want to bring that kind of food into people’s lives that they themselves could not and really leave a lasting impression. ”

Well, apple pie certainly leaves a lasting impression on me. Mine first favorite part is the sugar-filled pie crusts. Crunchy, flaky, buttery with little sweetness from the sugar. Mine second favorite part of the pie are the tender, cinnamon strips of apples stacked high.

Crack Bakery’s business has exploded, its reputation is carried by word of mouth and social media. The bakery’s pre – sale for Father’s Day sold over 100 pies in just under 2 minutes! Bags with “Liquid Crack”, handmade, vanilla bean cream, the perfect companion for apple pie, are now available online.

How do you get your fingers in some of this dreamy pie?

Crack Bakery has a “weekly drop” on their website where they open orders with a limited number of pies.

“We have only been in operation for a few months, but the weekly drop has become a complete feeding frenzy! We are always sold out within 2 to 3 minutes. ”

On Monday, the orders open for the coming weekend. Saturday is fundraising day in Manuka. Alternatively, there is a contactless delivery option on Sunday.

Apple pies are waiting to be collected and eaten. Photo: Michelle Taylor

Once in their planned larger spaces, the team will expand Cracks delivery options up to Sydney and Melbourne.

“We would like to start making a monthly drop of pies in Sydney and Melbourne hopefully in October,” says Anna. “We want to focus on niche products and make them perfect. We get more lines out. We have so many ideas waiting! Everything will be in limited edition and only pre-order. And you have to be fast. For us, it’s about quality rather than quantity and bringing people something they’ve never seen before. ”

Follow Crack Bakery on Instagram for all their news and visit their website to place an order.

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