“I went to Lidl and bought the same shopping that I bought four months ago, it was so much more it cost me”

We have heard so much about price increases recently and families struggling to make ends meet.

Although many people would admit that they felt the pinch, it is not always so easy to pinpoint exactly where the extra money is going.

When the parents on our Manchester Family Facebook page told us that their shopping bills were shooting up, we decided to test a supermarket.

Armed with a receipt for a shopping trip to Lidl in June, we agreed to buy the same products to see exactly which ones had risen in price.

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Out of 16 items in the cart, a staggering three-quarters of them cost more – only cans, tomatoes, malt wheat grains, cheddar cheese and a Warburton Toastie bread remained the same.

And while some increased by only a few pence – including carrots and chocolate digesters up by three pence each – others had seen far greater increases.

Three-quarters of our shopping cart had risen in price

Five items rose by 10 pence – including frozen potato waffles, Flora light, orange cordial, ham and a malted blossom.

Others rose much more, including meatballs up to 14p, pizza and apples both by 20p, beef quartz pound by 30p and Walkers Wotsits up by 56p.

The total cost of £ 20.14 was a price increase of 11% compared to June’s bill, which amounted to £ 18.18.

Nor were they the only products that cost more – pasta was up by 3p a pack, skimmed milk by 6p and Deluxe pizzas by 20p – but all were sold out.

Such stock shortages are a major problem for retailers at the moment, and the number of empty shelves in Lidl is something we see in supermarkets across the country.

Have you noticed that your food bill has increased? Any special items you have seen rise in price? Or something you struggle to grab? Let us know in the comments here.

A shortage of truck drivers is being blamed for the disruption of the supply chain, and earlier this week, Tesco’s chief said shoppers are buying frozen turkeys early to avoid any possible disruption to their Christmas dinner.

Supporters of the Manchester family told us that the price of meat is something they have seen rise in recent weeks, as well as branded goods, soft drinks, milk, butter, coffee, sugar, chips, toilet rolls and dog food.

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Many have noticed that deals are no longer running in supermarkets or are not as good, and even when goods have not risen in price, they have often become smaller in size.

One reader said her monthly purchase bill has increased by as much as £ 30 to £ 40.

Our Lidl shopping list shows prices now and what they were in June

  • Frozen potato waffles – were 75p, now 85p
  • Flora light – was £ 1.09, now £ 1.19
  • 12 beef buns – was £ 1.85, now £ 1.99
  • Four beef batches – were £ 1.99, now £ 2.29
  • 2 x Chopped tomatoes – was 28p each, now 28p each
  • Chocolate Digestants – was 42p, now 45p
  • Orange hearty – was 79p, now 89p
  • Maltwheaties – was 69p, now 69p
  • Red Gala apples – were £ 1.09, now £ 1.29
  • Pizza – was £ 1.49, now £ 1.69
  • British mild cheddar – was £ 1.79, now £ 1.79
  • Carrots – was 40p, now 43p
  • Slice of thinly cooked ham – was £ 1.59, now £ 1.69
  • Warburton’s Toastie Bread – was £ 1.10, now £ 1.10
  • Malted craft flowers – was 89p, now 99p
  • Walkers Wotsits – was £ 1.69, now £ 2.25

Total cost – was £ 18.18, now £ 20.14

Lidl declined to comment.


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