Fri. May 20th, 2022

Icon Water worker waters flowers

For the second year in a row, the Icon Water Floriade tulips are thriving by watering garden beds across the Canberra community. Photo: Icon Water.

The flowering of Floriade brings life and joy to the Canberra community and announces the beginning of spring and the rebirth of nature around ACT.

Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 lockdown means that Floriade has once again been imagined again, so the goal this year is to bring a little piece of flower festival to every suburb of Canberra. And for the second year in a row, Icon Water keeps the tulips in bloom by watering garden beds throughout the community.

“We know how important Floriade is to the community,” said Icon Water CEO Ray Hezkial. “It is always a highlight for the locals and is a signal that spring has arrived in Canberra.

“Although the event will be a little different again this year, we look forward to what ‘Floriade: Reimagined’ can bring to society. As Canberra’s water supply, we are only too happy to help supply water to community groups to ensure that flowers bloom across our beautiful city. ”

The hard-working staff at Floriade have taken the portable displays with more than 400 planters containing more than 60,000 flowers that were originally on their way to Commonwealth Park and distributed them across Canberra.

These plants will join the 300,000 bulbs and annuals that have been scattered throughout the region.

Icon Water has volunteered to pay for the water costs as well as to organize the watering of Floriade’s displays.

Dog next to Floriade flower show

Canberrans can still enjoy the flowers of Floriade this year. Photo: Belinda Fuller.

To cope with the enormous workload of irrigating more than 300,000 bulbs and annuals planted around Canberra, Icon Water has partnered with local landscape architects The Outdoor People to irrigate the screens with recycled water to make them look vibrant.

“As ACT’s provider of water and wastewater, we have a vision to be a valued partner in the community,” Hezkial said. “Our support for Floriade is just one example of this.

“We also think that our customers should have the opportunity to share their values ​​and priorities with us. That’s why we’ve launched our new community engagement program, Let’s Talk Water and Wastewater. ”

The program is the start of a continuous dialogue between Icon Water and local residents. As part of the initiative, Canberrans can express their views on the future of the region’s water and wastewater services.

The intention is to have meaningful conversations that translate into tangible results for society. Through community input, Icon Water hopes to find the best ways to invest in the viability and sustainability of the Canberra region.

Would you like to say something about Canberra’s future? The first step is on the way to Let’s talk and take the survey. Together we can help shape Icon Water’s services.

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