Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

There’s currently a mini-KarJenner invasion of Manhattan as members of the reality dynasty press down in NYC to support Kim Kardashian West in her latest concert: Host of Live Saturday Night.

Here’s a little taste of Kim’s comedy skills at work in her commercials for the episode that will have Halsey as the musical guest:

As we count down to the big KKW x SNL launch, ket members from Kim’s inner circle have arrived in New York City to show their support. Kim’s longtime friend Simon Huck appears to be on the VIP list and has hung out with Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner and sister, Khloé Kardashian ahead of the big night.

“Getting @khloekardashian to leave Calabasas for the weekend is a bit of a big deal,” Simon wrote in a selfie with Khloé confirming her arrival on the East Coast.

Simon also shared a snap of Kris her arrival, appropriate heading: “The Queen has arrived.”

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Kris in an Adorable Mom Way used her Instagram Story to take a picture of the lovely event and take notes SNL team left her in her hotel room. The beautiful pink bouquet came with a note that read, “Welcome to Studio 8H! From Lorne & Everyone at Saturday Night Live.”

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

“Thanks Lorne and @nbcsnl !!!!” she wrote the picture. “So excited to be here !!!”

SNLenthusiasm for Kim’s host stint is clear far beyond polite gifts to her mother. The show has blasted news about Kim’s appearance as far and wide as an Instagram Grid can (not that we can blame them – especially on IG, promoting TF out of Kim’s appearance is just good business sense), with pictures of her on a table read :

And being swarmed by a team of MUAs at her host photo shoot:

Of course, Kim has also teased the episode. In addition to presenting her offers, she also enthusiastically shared behind-the-scenes photos from her photoshoot, anxiously subtitled, “2 sleeps more @nbcsnl.”

There’s not much else to do but drop Kim’s last promo here to see and all play the anxious waiting game and stock choice Kim reaction GIFs to use while we live tweet on this significant occasion.

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