Tue. May 17th, 2022

The Vancouverites can celebrate the late John Lennon’s birthday this Saturday at the launch of a new art exhibition featuring collaborations the Beatles star worked on with Yoko Ono, the world-renowned artist and the love of his life.

Growing Freedom: The Instructions from Yoko Ono / The art of John and Yoko opens Oct. 9 at the Vancouver Art Gallery and is a major exploratory exhibition celebrating Ono’s work, a conceptual and performance artist.

The first section is divided into two parts and invites viewers to participate in the creative process by following text instructions from Ono and in a way collaborating with her on some of her famous pieces.

This includes repair of broken ceramics (Straight piece, 1966/2021), hammering nails into a canvas (Paint to hammer a nail, 1966/2021) and write about their mothers on a sticker and attach it to the gallery wall (My mother is beautiful, 2004/2021).

Mend Piece is one of the participating works that visitors will experience at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The picture is from a similar show of Yoko Ono’s work exhibited in Montreal in 2019. (Auction Gallery / Art Basel)

The second part of the show includes collaborations on Ono and Lennon on peace, including Bed-ins for peace, which filmed non-violent protests against war, which the couple carried out in 1969.

While the Vietnam War raged, the duo held two-week-long performances where they sat in bed together. Derived from the idea of ​​peaceful sit-in protests, the first was held in Amsterdam and the second in Montreal.

“The only thing that brought them together … was working for peace,” said co-curator Cheryl Sim.

The exhibition is a dream come true for Sim, who contacted Ono with a written note in 2017 and asked if the artist would be interested in having such a show staged in Vancouver. She was game.

“It’s just put together in a beautiful way,” Sim said.

Two other installations associated with the exhibition include the Arising and Water Event.

The former is an invitation from Ono to women to submit a picture of their eyes and a written will about injury they have suffered due to their gender.

The latter involves a number of local indigenous artists invited by Ono to create a vessel that can hold water. According to Sim, Ono asked to work with these artists to reflect the importance of water to these communities.

Growing Freedom: The Instructions from Yoko Ono / The art of John and Yoko runs until May 1st.

COVID-19 security protocols are in place, including the need to book tickets in advance and wear a face mask when visiting the galley.

9:06Yoko Ono Exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery

This weekend opens with a great overview of Yoko Ono’s work, including her collaboration with her late partner John Lennon, collaboration with local indigenous artists and an opportunity for the audience to collaborate with Yoko Ono herself. It started as a dream for curator Cheryl Sim to have Yoko Ono’s works shown on the 50th anniversary of the infamous Montreal Bed-In for Peace. 9:06

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