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Wed. May 18th, 2022

PROSECUTORS are “100 percent” sure that the rapist Christian B abducted and murdered Madeleine McCann.

The sex offender, 44, was identified as the main suspect by German authorities last year, and now investigators say they have evidence to charge him.

Prosecutors are '100 percent sure' that Christian B abducted and killed Madeleine McCann


Prosecutors are ‘100 percent sure’ that Christian B abducted and killed Madeleine McCannCredit: PICTURE
Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007


Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007Credit: Alamy

As they continue to build a case against him, investigators are now “100 percent convinced” that Christian B is the man responsible for the 2007 disappearance.

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters told the Mirror: “It is now possible that we can prosecute. We now have that proof.

“But it’s not just about charging him – we want to accuse him of the best possible amount of evidence.

“When we still have questions, it would be nonsense to charge rather than wait for the answers that could strengthen our position.

“Therefore, we said we will investigate as long as there are clues or information that we can pursue.”

Madeleine, from Leicestershire, disappeared at the age of three from her parents Kate and Gerry’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Two years earlier, Christian B raped a 72-year-old American woman who lived nearby and is now in a German prison for the crime.

Since he is in jail, detectives use the time to gather as much evidence as possible and hope to take Christian B to court next year.

Part of the evidence that police are investigating includes an alleged “confession” of Christian B to a friend, and analysis of the phone shows he was at the Ocean Club when the tot disappeared.

But investigators have no evidence that Madeleine is dead, without DNA or photo evidence linking the sex offender to the alleged murder.

Wolters told the outlet: “It’s evidence of circumstance – we have no scientific evidence.

“I personally believe that a conclusion will be reached next year. We have no body and no DNA, but we have other evidence. Based on the evidence we have, it leads to no other conclusion.”

Christian B is also being investigated in connection with a rape and indecent assault that all took place in Praia da Luz when he lived there from 2002 to 2008.

An insider in the German investigation said: “The evidence is strong and puts him in the area where Madeleine disappeared.

“It’s a matter of time. We hope to be able to accuse him of Madeleine and others. ”


It comes after Madeleine’s parents said they believe the main suspect in their daughter’s disappearance will keep trying to evade justice and fear they may never know who snatched her.

A McCann family source told The Sun Online: “Police are not telling us what’s going on, we’re in the dark because it’s an ongoing investigation.

“But if it is him and there is no direct and conclusive evidence, he can never say a word. He’s not saying a word now.

“He is locked up in other crimes, so he is at least the best place – in prison.

“Portuguese police had looked at him before, and last year they looked at him again. We do not know what this means, but without a confession we may never know.

“We do not know what evidence the police have.

“Unfortunately, it may be that we may never know what happened to Madeleine. But we hope to find out. We keep hoping after all these years. ”

When prosecutors first named Christian B as the suspect, Kate and Gerry released a statement that supported the appeal but did not speak directly about him.

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