Sat. May 21st, 2022

A man who Los Angeles police said had taken one or more hostages was fatally shot Friday night after an hour-long stand-by in an downtown apartment complex, police said.

Officials did not say how many people were being held hostage, but said they were released unharmed.

The suspect was taken to a hospital and later confirmed dead, Los Angeles police said.

A musician across the street from the building recorded the standoff and police response. That video appears to show a man with his arm around another person’s neck.

It’s not exactly clear what happened before or after the video, which appears to show officers entering the building and aiming.

The situation unfolded late Friday afternoon when officers were called to reports of an assault with a deadly weapon in the city’s Historic Core, police said.

A suspect wanted in a series of violent incidents in the center entered the building and allegedly took one or more hostages before barricading himself inside a unit, according to police.

Los Angeles police said a SWAT team was called to the scene and that the time between the first calls to the area and the end of the standoff was nearly five hours.

At least one officer opened fire, according to police.

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