Mbark’s 125 hometown on Canberra’s Federal Golf Course draws 1,200 signatures

The founders of Mbark, John Leo, James Robinson and Adam Somerville’s retirement town project with the Federal Golf Club in Red Hill, Canberra, ACT, have been approved, but the opposition is rallying against it.

A petition of more than 1,200 signatures will be sent to the ACT Government Legislative Assembly, opposing the proposal for a retirement town at the southern end of the golf course, in a $ 20 million deal that the golf club publicly admits will secure its future.

In June, the ACT government agreed to a final integrated plan for the Red Hill Nature Reserve and the surrounding areas, which included Mbark’s retirement town of 125 beds, built at the south end of the 18-hole golf course and the reserve expanded.

The plan still needs to be adopted by the Legislative Assembly, and the zoning plan varied to change the lease to allow development on the golf course. Any development application must then go through the normal assessment process.

Mbark is a winner of several awards for their villages Arbor in Berry, approximately 138 km south of Sydney CBD, and Wivenhoe in Camden, 65 km southwest of Sydney CBD

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