Thu. May 19th, 2022

Calgary will soon see a new face in the mayor’s chair – and as part of CBC Calgary’s comprehensive municipal election coverage, we would like to get to know it leading candidates in the mayoral race.

Not just their political views, but more about who they are, where they come from and what they have done.

The next person leading this city has a monumental task ahead.

How to support a group of mostly new councilors? How to manage the city’s economic recovery and deal with the aftermath of the pandemic? What to do about property taxes, the environment and the green line? But also, how will they ensure that Calgary is a place that future generations will continue to be proud to call home?

The mayoral race is a crowded race. So how do you get to the person behind the campaign brochure you found in your mailbox?

I called them each. And they were good enough to answer.

We talked about everything from the neighborhoods where they grew up, to their favorite places in town to eat (you will read some different opinions on where to find the best pizza), to their detailed economic and social plans for shaping Calgary’s future.

Here is what they told me in their own words:

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