Midnight deals mid-rush to hair salons and botox clinics

Leila Ashrafinia, from Bryght Clinic in Sydney CBD, is looking forward to treating clients again.

Leila Ashrafinia, from Bryght Clinic in Sydney CBD, is looking forward to treating clients again.Credit:Rhett Wyman

“At the top of the list of requests are definitely fillers and treatments for wrinkles, closely followed by other specialized treatments, such as non-surgical nose surgery.

“We also experienced this last year during lockdown, where clients have examined their faces more than usual, often on Zoom calls and noticed things they don’t like.”

Beauty clinics can have up to five fully vaccinated clients from Monday, where premises operate on one person per. Four square meters indoors.

October orders at SILK Laser’s Double Bay Clinic are up 40 percent compared to the same period last year, with Botox and filler for wrinkles, lips and cheeks being the most popular procedure.

Franchise partner Zoya Wong said staff would work longer hours to service a long waiting list of customers, and she expected to hire more employees to cope with a boom in demand before Christmas.

The clinics had 631,000 appointments in 2020-21, where most clients ordered more treatments per. Appointment. Customer spending rose 28 percent to an average of $ 605, which Wong said was a reflection of strong growth in injectables and body categories.

“Lip fillers are still very popular and many clients are increasingly picky and looking for a more natural and voluptuous look,” she said. “They want definition and structure rather than size.”

Wong said the clinic’s clients were women aged 18 to 55, but clients seeking injectables skewed to people in their late 20s to 40s.

“We see a lot of moms … looking for ways to help them feel their best,” she said. “We also see many clients who have a major event or life change seeking our services for skin treatments and cosmetic injections.”

At Matty Samaei’s Medispa in Double Bay, there is a great demand for facials due to pandemic conditions.

“We have had inquiries about pigmentation treatments because of all the outdoor activities during the lockdown,” Ms. Samaei said.

“Another treatment at the top of the list is acne treatments due to face masks and lack of professional skin care treatments.”

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