Tue. May 17th, 2022

Mildura has registered 20 new cases of coronavirus today, bringing the total number of active cases in the municipality to 37.

The municipality had a case a week ago, nine Friday mornings, and another three reported Friday afternoon.

Health Ministry Deputy Secretary Kate Matson said the new cases were spread across several households and that there were links to New South Wales. Matson said the spread of the virus was worrying.

“We believe there may be additional cases out there yet that we have not found,” she said.

Anyone with symptoms is encouraged to show up for testing as soon as possible as well as with those who have been contacted by the local public health unit or the Ministry of Health because they have been in contact with a confirmed case.

The municipality is on the first day of a seven-day lockdown announced late yesterday afternoon.

Matson acknowledged how little time residents had to prepare for the lockdown, which started at midnight.

“If there was any inconvenience caused by our late notice, we regret it, but we will never apologize for having taken the right public health measures to protect the communities of Victoria and Victoria and in this case the community in the Mildura area,” she said.

“The brief lockdown will help us get our arms around the eruption and hopefully ensure Mildura can return to the same settings as Regional Victoria in another seven days.”

Residents will spend the week under the same rules as locked Melbourne, but without a curfew.

Mildura hospital ready for cases in adults and children

Mildura Base Public Hospital has established adult and pediatric wards for people suspected of having COVID.

Several schools in Mildura and across the Murray River in New South Wales were closed yesterday.

“This is not just a virus in the elderly or elderly, it certainly chooses all age groups,” said the hospital’s CEO Terry Welch.

The hospital usually supports five to ten people through its Hospital in the Home program, but there are plans for 50 people and it can be scaled up if necessary.

“As seen elsewhere, people need acute hospitalization, some become extremely poor at needing ventilation, others can do well at home with some care and support,” Welch said.

Forty staff from the hospital have expired and Mr Welch said it had created some pressure.

Some clinics have been stopped or reduced so staff can be moved around.

Welch said he would not enter into the debate over whether lockdown was necessary.

“Lockdown aims to slow the spread of the virus and remove the pressure from us as a health service as cases grow,” he said.

“I want to support this decision and just keep focusing on the fact that our hospital can provide care.”

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