More than a dozen stranded Queenslanders have sought refuge in tents at Murwillumbah Showgrounds.

Just 10 miles from the border with Queensland, residents at the “provisional refugee camp” in NSW say they are completely homeless due to strict border controls.

Across the country, hundreds of Queenslanders who are not eligible for the new home quarantine attempt are stuck in other states.

More than a dozen Queensland residents have taken up residence in the exhibit areas. (9News)

In the exhibition areas, families, pets and people have camped in tents or used to sleep in their cars

“There are actually thousands. Thousands and thousands of people in the same boat,” said resident Queensland resident Freda Norris.

It is unclear when the border restrictions will ease. (9News)

Leah Gilleland lives in her hatchback.

“It’s just awful what they do to us. I feel unwanted, unwelcome and not loved,” she said.

Wendy Riddoch says she has fallen in hard times.

Mrs Riddoch and her dog Teddy are fully vaccinated and virus free and sleep in a leaky caravan until they are allowed to travel to Townsville.

Wendy Riddoch and her dog Teddy sleep in a caravan in the exhibition areas. (9News)

“It’s a challenge every day,” Mrs Riddoch said.

“What you see behind me is all I have now.

“Not a cent to my name to pay for air travel.”

The stranded perform on charitable causes and support each other.

The Queensland government says it warned people months ago about the border rules, and returning residents should have known better.

But everyone has a story and no one can afford hotel quarantine.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk says it is unlikely a decision will be made on when the border will reopen until after the National Cabinet next month.

One week later, international travel is scheduled to resume in NSW, meaning some of those stuck across the border could fly to London or Los Angeles before being allowed to drive into Queensland.

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