Wed. May 18th, 2022

In less than 24 hours, Sydney and large parts of New South Wales will complete a lockdown that has for the capital continued for 106 days.

As of 12.01 tomorrow, companies can reopen and the five-kilometer travel restriction will be lifted.

Home visits will be allowed and larger groups can gather outside and at the pub.

Lockdown ends at midnight in Sydney and across NSW, with companies preparing for a busy one. (Getty)

Significant restrictions will remain in place and the new freedoms will only be available to people who have been fully vaccinated.

Sydney hairdresser Alan Buki told today that he received his first client in months at. 12.01 tonight – and is booked until 21 o’clock tomorrow.

“After almost four months, the salon is finally opening,” he said.

Allan Buki and his partner Tiffany Thurtell at their Paddington Salon, which receives its first customer in months at. 12.01. (Brook Mitchell)

“The store is out of control and the energy is contagious.”

He said the salon was booked for the next two months.

Premier Dominic Perrottet wasted no time in easing the rules of NSW’s roadmap out of the lockdown, announcing larger volumes and home visitation limits just days after being sworn in.

Crowd limits are set to be relaxed. (Brook Mitchell)

He has also highlighted that international borders could reopen on November 1 ahead of schedule.

The changes have been criticized, but Perrottet denied that health advice had been ignored, saying the revised plan was a surefire way for the state to reopen.

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