Tue. May 17th, 2022

Police have stepped in to separate tennis ace Nick Kyrgios and his on-again, off-again model girlfriend Chiara Passari after a messy saliva played out on social media.

Kyrgios and Passari, a social media influencer, had tried to quarantine together in Adelaide before their toxic relationship exploded on Instagram on Thursday.

As a result, South Australian police have confirmed that the couple will now end their mandatory quarantine “in separate rooms”.

Passari had dropped the explosive claim that Kyrgios cheated on her after a night out in Melbourne back in February and posted a photo of the shirtless tennis ace in bed with someone.

“By the way, the girl who’s naked in bed with him is not me … Hope it’s done,” she wrote in response to a fan’s question “What happened that fateful night at 161 nightclub?”.

The cheating scandal is just the tip of the iceberg of a tumultuous relationship between Kyrgios and Passari that began back in July last year.

A screenshot of Chiara Passari's claims.
Camera iconA screenshot of Chiara Passari’s claims. Credit: Instagram

Passari continued his Instagram Q&A by showing Kyrgios’ apology for the woman’s presence in his bed.

“Guys he did not know he had a girl in his bed !! He slept. Never heard of sleep deprivation before, ”she wrote with laughter and confused facial emojis.

“After Valentine’s Day, Nick posted a picture of us and it was when I found out he was joining another girl in the club for this girl that he slept with a separate night.

“Once before he came to mine and had the weekend in Sydney, he sent me a photo of a massive hiccup on my neck and said ‘honey, I’m just sending you this now before I get over and you freak out but this hickey is not from a girl, my partner gave it to me, ”Passari wrote with the words“ another ‘excuse’ story. “

Passari confirmed that the SA police had separated the duo, but were critical of the treatment she received.

“The police moved him to another room (they were awful to me, and of course only Nick’s best interest was not mine),” she wrote.

The couple had enjoyed the American summer together when Passari supported Kyrgios on tour.

Kyrgios has not followed Passari on social media since.


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