NRL Storm: Craig Bellamy on white drug scandal

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy has spoken for the first time since Cameron Munster, Brandon Smith and Chris Lewis were fined and suspended after being caught in a video scandal.

The trio were each suspended for a match and fined after videos of the three players appearing in a hotel room with a white cloth on the table.

In the case of Munster, Storm struck him with a $ 100,000 fine and kicked him out of the management team.

Melbourne CEO Justin Rodski revealed that the trio was not tested for drugs after the incident, and when asked if he knew what the white substance was, he replied: “I do not know what it was. I was not in the room . “

Rodski said he thought “they were incredibly drunk”, as the trio could not confirm what the drug was either.

But when he spoke to 4BC’s Wide World of Sports Radio, a disappointed Bellamy gave a blunt assessment of the trio’s jokes, claiming they were “well aware” that what they were doing was “illegal.”

“A lot has been said, it’s really disappointing for us as a club. It’s been really disappointing for the match,” Bellamy said.

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“Those guys are very aware that they have done the wrong thing. It is important now that we give them the help and guidance they need to not make these mistakes again.

Eel locks coach Brad Arthur firmly

“I do not know if it’s worse for your body or worse for you to have a snort of cocaine or a line of cocaine … than a dozen schooners. But the big difference is having a dozen schooners is not illegal. . “

Bellamy then claimed, “That’s what disappoints me so much is that these guys earn well, they do what they love in life, and what they did was illegal.

“They were very, very well aware of that.”

The players involved have maintained that they cannot remember what the white substance was, and Wide World of Sports does not suggest that cocaine was used by any of the players involved.

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